Direct Sales: How You Stimulate Our Economy by Christie Northrup

Christie NorthrupNext time someone suggests you get a “real job” share this article with them so they’ll see how the entire Direct Sales Industry has the potential to boost the personal economy of millions of people. January, 2009: Recently the world witnessed the change in command of the commander in chief of the United States of America. Whether or not you agree with President Barack Obama’s policies, his charge to each of us to actively participate in restoring the American dream in spite of many challenges we face is something that, yes… we can do! As direct sellers, there is much we do to boost the economy of our nation while growing our businesses. It is time to TWIST from victim ranks to volunteer status and take action; thus showing our true patriotism.

We all know that our business opportunity can be the lifesaver people need in times like this. Thank heavens we’re the only person who can “downsize” ourselves!

 NULL Recently, the media has spotlighted many individual direct sales consultants as well as specific companies to show how the direct sales industry actually thrives in a recession. So, yes, we have huge pools of recruiting prospects. In order to keep our companies at the corporate level growing and supporting our individual businesses, millions of people and their industries provide necessary products and services. If these positions or services have been or will be eliminated each of us could be adversely affected. Have you taken the time to think how many people you, as a direct sales consultant, keep employed? PRINTING COMPANIES Let’s take the scenario of scheduling a home presentation. First, you provide your hostess with literature that a printing company was contracted to print. The printer purchased ink and paper for the literature. You support people in both those industries as well, not to mention the buildings, equipment and other supplies the printer and his/her vendors use. POST OFFICE, TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRIES You or your hostess mail out the invitations. You’re keeping the Post Office and other industries in business. From the employees you see at the counter (and talk to about your buying or selling your product) to those who sort behind the scenes. Stamps must be printed. We’re helping the printing industry again. Someone picks up the mail in a truck that was purchased from an automobile company, an ailing industry, and will need gasoline and other automotive equipment. In many cases the mail is sent on planes (if your hostess is inviting EVERYONE she knows). Someone is paid to handle the bags of mail and get it on the planes. Then private or commercial carriers who employ thousands of people get the mail to the post office in the areas where you or your hostess are sending invitations. Then someone else personally delivers the mail. TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES Meanwhile, back at home. You’re using your telephone and Internet services to connect with the hostess, at the same time benefiting the telecommunications industry. Your hostess is using her phone and computer and probably thinking about what kinds of refreshments she’ll serve. GROCERY STORES She goes shopping and buys simple refreshments: cookies. Thank heavens, those little elves will be kept busy baking if we keep them supplied with lots of hostesses! While she’s at the store, she sees other things she needs for her family and spends a minimum of fifty dollars. Each of those dollars helps support the companies whose products she just purchased, not to mention keeping the local stores in business, which employ your neighbors and friends; your future customers and recruits! AT THE PARTY When guests come to the party, they usually drive (remember she invited people from all over). They are using gasoline and automobiles to get there, or even the local mass transit system, all of which employ people. If they didn’t want to bring their children and hubby is at work or out of town, your guests might hire a teenager to watch the kids. A teenager who will keep the malls in business with the wages they receive. BEHIND THE SCENES: MANUFACTURING Now your guests arrive and BUY YOUR PRODUCT! Who are they helping? Not just you and your hostess but also the factory that manufactures your product. The employees of the factory are not the only ones involved. Think of the people who work in the factories of the vendors who supply materials to your company’s factory. In many cases your company uses several factories and numerous vendors! Think of all the people each of these employ. BEHIND THE SCENES: HOME OFFICE Your company also has management support teams who assist you in your business. These departments range from accounting to computer support to marketing to training to the building engineers who keep the facilities clean. Each of these departments use computers, paper, office furniture, utilities, and other supplies. You are helping each of them retain their positions along with the people who work for the companies providing the services and products they consume. INFLUENCING GUESTS Now you’re excited and so is your hostess because everyone thanks you both for having the party to get them out of their homes and away from the bad economic news on TV, radio and Internet. They are so thrilled to see your sunny smile, pleasant personality and feel of your selfless service as you teach them about how your product will benefit them. They have FUN!!! Several guests schedule their own parties, and the cycle multiplies. YOUR PERSONAL ECONOMY But wait! You just earned some big bucks!! Now you can go pick up the lay away (yes, people are using this system again) you had at the mall, pay for your son’s soccer registration, invest in some of your favorite stocks, take the family out for a celebration dinner, and on and on. How many people’s lives will you bless by shopping, eating out, investing? RECRUITING ADDS TO THE ECONOMY But there is more! As you continue to do this you’ll be a “people magnet” who will attract others to join your team, and there will be more consultants to service more hostesses who will add to the economic stability in more people’s lives. Furthermore, the more people who have more paychecks, the more they’ll have purchasing power at your parties from other businessesthis really is a sharing industry. This keeps getting better… as you sell more of your product and share with more people, you qualify for your company’s car program and/or earn promotional gifts. Can you do the “lemon link” yourself and picture who has a job because you’ve done yours so well? BEYOND YOUR BACKYARD The best news: you realize you’ve qualified for the incentive trip!!! Hooray! Hooray! Now, you just keep helping more and more people. Your company contracts with a travel service all run by real human beings who make all the arrangements. They purchase airline tickets, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, local entertainment and yummy food! Additionally, you take your own spending money and add to the location’s tourism business. Putting more paychecks in more people’s pockets. WOW! Can you see the potential impact you have for MILLIONS of people who lives you can reach without actually touching or meeting them? Can you see the way direct selling professionals can give our nation and others an economic jumpstart? DIRECT SALES ADDS MORE REAL JOBS TO THE ECONOMY Next time someone suggests you get a “real job” share this article with them so they’ll see how the entire Direct Sales Industry has the potential to boost the personal economy of millions of people.


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