Direct Selling: 3 Reasons to Use Joint Ventures to Explode Your Direct Sales Business by Kimberly Rhodes

Kimberly RhodesWhat’s exciting is JV’s can be used at anytime to either add a boost to your bottom-line or increased credibility in the marketplace Direct selling has been around for a long time. And in all the years I have been working with individuals in the profession, I am always amazed at just how many people feel another direct selling company is their competition. Often times they even make the mistake of bad mouthing the other company or product. Well, I am here to tell you: nothing could be further from the truth. It saddens me because most of these folks are working way too hard and often times wasting time and money. And the worst part is: it simply does not have to happen.

In Direct Selling the truth is you can use one simple strategy and even work with someone from another company. Simply use the power of Joint Ventures to accelerate your access.

Here are 3 reasons to JV. NULL

Leverage – You have heard the phrase, ‘Two heads are better than one.’ When you work with someone else you get the benefit of their talents and resources. You can instantly get more done when you work with someone else. Increased credibility – Do you want to start to brand yourself and stand out of the crowd? When you work with someone else you leverage their reputation. Don’t believe me? Imagine if you were working with Oprah. How would your business change? Ok I know Oprah might be a stretch but working with a well respected authority in direct sales will also help you to become what we call slightly famous in your market. Greater reach – No matter how much you have accomplished on your own you can expand what you are doing when you work with someone. Whether it’s sharing your customer list or even a party you definitely can reach more people. For example, maybe you are a rep for a candle company. What would stop you from working with a company that sells other products for the home? I hope your answer is nothing. This would give you an opportunity to increase your access to a complete different customer base. Or maybe you are in a company that markets make-up. Why not JV with a jewelry distributor? Get the idea? The possibilities are endless. Just look around and make a list of people you might be able to partner with.

If you are in direct sales you should absolutely be using joint ventures as part of your business model. What’s exciting is JV’s can be used at anytime to either add a boost to your bottom-line or increased credibility in the marketplace it’s up to you.

Don’t wait make your JV plan today. I invite you to go to and get access to a free newsletter that gives you actionable tips and interviews on your to take your direct sales business to the next level.


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