Discover the Secret to Attracting More Female Leaders By Mary Dee

Discover the Secret to Attracting More Female Leaders

It’s no secret that women have been some of the biggest movers and shakers when it comes to Network Marketing.

We’re fun, dependable, and follow-up is second nature (because we’re always picking up after our families!)

In general, women are nurturing and much of their drive  is driven by their “why” and their  why is typically linked to their families, causes and passions and not their ego’s.

Why do we do what we do? And more importantly how do we ATTRACT more fun, dependable downlines that we can invest in and see results? Who are these female powerhouses and how can you spot them in 90 seconds?

The answer is easy…and you can take that to the bank. (No really, there’s a code and everything!)

No stranger to the industry as a top performer, one of the newest female CEO’s on deck in the Network Marketing space is Cheri Tree and her BANKCODE® system. She shows you the 4 basic personality types and what drives them to buy.

The science of the personality types was actually discovered over 400 years ago. The ease and fun of breaking that science down into digestible pieces is found in a quick and easy game of prioritizing some key core values. The mastery of knowing the type you’re looking for, as well as recruiting, can help you pinpoint the Leaders you really want in your organization, train them and help them find duplication faster. Not only will you be able to identify the Leaders you want, but you can talk to them in their language, and with more effective communication comes more effective learning.

For this very special women’s edition, if you want to increase your sales by 300% or just get to know yourself a little better, click here for a complimentary assessment contact me.

Mary Dee is the Chief Fun Officer at Living Exceptionally Inc, a Consulting firm for start-ups.



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