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Elizabeth Harrington(yes it has a lot to do with what you are duplicating…)  Do you want to learn the key to opening up the treasure chest? The treasure chest that opens up to all the treasure maps where you can discover the magic way to achieve gold, emerald, ruby and diamond rank levels? If you are also looking for the Secret Code to achieving massive success by taking the shortest possible route, then continue reading… A Beginner’s Mind A quote I read recently sums up the way to begin…

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi, Soto Zen Priest

We live in the AGE OF ADD or Attention Deficit Deficiency. I used to hear the pundits a decade ago say the Internet was going to simplify our lives. *&^$% NULL

Yeah right… seems crazy now doesn’t it?

The new reality facing us is the web has launched us into XTREME information overload. (no it isn’t a spelling boob)

In our industry more and more “experts” have come forward with a dizzying array of sizzle trainings and programs for sale. Each one promising more and more outlandish and crazy promises to make you want to salivate… yes you can see it, yes you can feel it, yes you deserve it, yes yes yes… Your why is big enough. When really all you need to get on the right path, is to learn the #1 secret. How many times have you listened to a hot shot speaker get you all pumped up, only to drive you to run at an Olympic break neck pace to the back of a conference room to buy yet another training program? You know it this time, this is all you need to crack the code to reaching massive success, so with a crazed look in your eye, you whip out your credit card with the promise to yourself that this is the last one… absolutely the very last time you will do this. You know this latest program holds the answer. Sound familiar? As someone who has whipped out her credit card more times than I care to think about (tax time is a good reminder) to learn the secret code to success, I have been frustrated more times by the reality of achieving more fizzle than sizzle results, until now. My biggest lesson after letting go of the company I had been with for 14 years (6 actively building, 5 slowly questioning the decisions at the top, then the last 3 collecting residual income) was understanding the first key to unlocking the treasure chest. What is it? Drum roll please…

This first key in achieving success is assessing opportunity as it arrives.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais NIN If you want to learn how to recognize or create opportunities and choose which ones to seize, the first key is to chose the most successful mentor/ teacher/leader you can possibly find, then duplicate their actions. According to Barry Schwartz, author of “The PARADOX OF CHOICE: Why More Is Less,” we have a limited capacity for pursuing new opportunities, especially big ones. If we try to chase down every opportunity that comes our way, we inhibit our ability to pounce on the promising ones that fit with our values and direction. Frankly there are too many ways to build our networking businesses. A cornucopia of choices and way too many to be able to wade through and try them all out without exhausting ourselves.

So the first key to deciphering the secret code or to open up the chest and grab the first treasure map is to carefully choose the most successful leader you possibly can get close to and model yourself after them.

Simple really.

“Some teachers teach for others to learn. Leaders teach for others to accomplish.” Jim Rohn

In your own business it can be quite heady and exciting and hugely empowering to feel you can create your own reality. This is one of the biggest attractions to starting your own networking business. The reality is you also need to be guided to make the right choices and guided to do the daily actions that the most successful people do – the purest sense of duplication there is on this planet! “Do as I do, not just do what I say.” Simple as it may seem, a top leader will recognize in someone a burning desire and a passion to “do whatever it takes.” How?

Top leaders recognize you don’t get rich just by visualizing it or demanding it but you can by performance.

So share your commitment to follow through, (send the top leaders emails with your goals and then your progress, show up at all the events you possibly can, ask questions, and demonstrate a willingness to be coached to achieve measurable consistent performance results. I guarantee this will bring you into their radar! Why would this work if you are far away from the top leaders in your organization? Because it is rare that someone comes forward in any organization and actually “does what she says she will do”, not just talks about it or even more common “is getting ready to do it.” Duplication is simple really and starts with a very simple decision – to position yourself as close as possible to the most successful leader in your company and do what they do! This is what I know for sure. More on success principles next month.


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