Distributors Are Like A Box Of Chocolates….. By Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

“You never know what you’re going to get.” Apologies to Forrest Gump… who, by the way, would have been the ULTIMATE  MLM distributor.

I’ll let YOU decide why!

 I don’t believe when it comes to new enrollees, that a “one size fits all” approach to their training and development is wise.

Why? Because you have four different kinds of listening that you are speaking into.

I break it down like this:

A> This new distributor has no MLM experience at all.

Their listening is:

 “Ok Sponsor who is making money on me: Where do I go? What am I to do? And, how am I to do it? No mistakes please!”

This must be my favorite. First I want to find out what their expectations, ideas, commitments, and concerns are:

I will show them how to create and find more prospects than they’ll ever need.

I’ll ask them to ponder the questions: What are they building?

Who does it include?

What does it provide?

Why would someone want to be a part of it? 

I will SHOW them how the product is sold.

I will demonstrate how a prospect is enrolled in the business.

I will co-create a 12 Month project to attain an income goal that is grounded and that they are committed to because of what it will provide them that is currently missing.

Then we will have an AGREEMENT about regular communication and we will walk the path together.

B> This distributor has tried to build a network before and has been unsuccessful.

Maybe even had one or more negative experiences in MLM…But they are still open to the possibility it can work and are committed to giving it another go.

Maybe this time by doing some things differently, they will realize the expectations they once had that were not met.

I would ask what they hated the most about what they did before.

I would ask them what they did before that didn’t work.

I would ask them what was missing.

I would SHOW them how to promote, enroll, consume, and be personally responsible for a COMBINED minimum of $300 in volume a month with those efforts.

Then I would show them how to teach that duplicatable effort….and teach others how to teach it.

Then we will walk the path together.

C> This distributor has been “moderately” successful in MLM before.

They’ve tried multiple products, multiple opportunities, and even different compensation plans.

They believe and are engaged in personal development.

They are seeking to go from a few hundred or a few thousand a month to make a professional-level, six-figure annual income.

They are open to coaching.

This individual might be the easiest to work with of all.

They KNOW network marketing works. They just don’t know how WELL.

Here I explore their experience of what has worked for them, what hasn’t, and you guessed it; what is missing.

I let them know there is a big distinction between a goal and a “pipe dream.”

No goal is “unrealistic” as long as it is measurable and someone is willing to put in the time and effort to reach it.

The goal is NOT what will get them out of bed early each day. It is what it provides that they are committed to, that will keep them motivated.

Then we have an agreement to walk the path together.

D> “The big hitter.” (RARE) This distributor has made significant money in the MLM model.

They know everything, so there is little to offer.

They prefer hands-off…and that goes for “their people,” too. You just happen to be “lucky” enough to be chosen as their sponsor.

Here’s how I “develop” this distributor.

I offer my support, and feedback, wherever and whenever they may need it.

I honor our hands-off agreement…UNLESS OR UNTIL, someone in “their ” organization which also happens to be “my ” organization, requests assistance.

I champion them.

I acknowledge them,

I cheer for them…AND I pick them up, without judgment, if they stumble or fall.

Then we will walk the path together.

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Russ DeVan
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