Do We Really Need Goals? By John Hackett Ed.D

Do We Really Need Goals?

The March edition of the Network Marketing Magazine raises a fundamental yet often ignored the question about goals, do we need goals?

The consideration of this question also leads other questions to be considered such as what makes goals important, can goal setting be learned and how?

My first response to this months’ question is you do not really need to have goals, especially if you are not going anywhere!

Goals are foundational to all phases of our lives. The goals we develop lead to our plans, preparations and our actions to succeed with our plans. Let us imagine, for example, you are going on vacation. Would you head out the door with no goal as to your destination, What would you pack? What about the rest of your family? What about the dog?  Heading out with no goal could result in a long or maybe very short but probably painful experience. This example also demonstrates how we are dependent on the goals set or not set by others. Let us suppose you made at least a vacation reservation to fly to Miami, departing on a Thursday at 10:00 am and arriving at 1:00 PM. You get to  the airport, get on the plane  and as you are getting settled in your seat the pilot comes on the intercom saying ‘Welcome to flight 222, we are headed somewhere and may land sometime.” That scenario could be a bit disconcerting!

The late great motivation speaker Zig Ziglar noted goals were crucial to growth stating  “people who do not move forward (in their life, business, education etc) move backward”  I believe that Zig is right. Goals are a part of the foundation of our moving forward as Network Marketers, Parents, Spouses, Team members, human beings. I am sure there is much research in many fields of study about goals. I have chosen to do a bit of informal field research on this topic. I have the honor of being the lead learner(professor) in a doctoral level leadership class at the University of St Francis in Joliet Illinois. I currently have 14 fellow learners in a leadership class for aspiring superintendents. They collectively represent 390 years of educational leadership experience. It would be safe to say this is a forward moving group of learners who have an understanding of goals and their importance. I asked their input as I prepared this article and asked them to reply briefly to two questions. Do we really need goals and what makes goals important?

They also permitted to share their statements.

The responses are below;

Question # 1. Do we really need goals?

14  reported yes 0 reported no.

I do wish I could have videoed the “rolling of the eyes” factor as they answered this question. It was a very clear nonverbal response.

Question #2 What makes goals important?

Many responses are summarized and paraphrased below with permission. How many key phrases do you see in the statements?

  1. “I think goals are important because they help a person or organization establish that they are striving for a specific target or outcome.  Without goals, a person risks drifting through a task, job, career without focus or outcome in mind.  I would argue that  is also true of relationships”

  2. “Goals give us a way to quantify or formulate a vision for yourself or your organization”

  3. “Goals provide a focus for any individual and organization”

  4. “Goals create systematic relevancy and strategy to move forward”

  5. “Goals help us establish a timeline from the present into the future”

  6. “Goals help us “plan our work and work our plan”

  7. “Goals provide a path for success and help us to move forward with purpose and intentionality”

  8. “Goals give direction and helps us prioritize what is important to focus on and allow opportunities for reflection on achievement and what needs to ”

  9. “Goals that are measurable and are important to you will provide a path to accomplishment.”

  10. ” Goals are important as they provide a focus for any organization, especially schools.  Goals should be centered around your “why”.  When people work together and create shared goals, it also creates a sense of togetherness and teamwork.  I hope this helps!”

  1.  “Goals are key to keeping me focused and help me be accountable to where I am”

How many key concepts did you see in these statements above?

The remarks noted demonstrate many crucial reasons that goals are essential to our growth. Goal setting is a skill for all of us to learn in all our relationships.

Consider this acronym to reinforce learning this skill.

L -Listen and learn from those you work and live with.

E -Examine your Why (Your Passion) for what you do and examine where you are right now in your network business, health, education, relationships etc..

A-Focus on accountability for your self or your organization

R – Reflect and review  your progress on your goals and redirect as needed

N- Never stop growing!

Learning to develop sound goals leads us to focus, accountability and the opportunity to review and reflect. All learned skills that are fundamental to the success of organization and individuals in network marketing and any other profession.

Learning to develop sound goals is a life skill for all of us. Never stop learning!

 John Hackett, Ed. D is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, writer, and leader in a variety of educational and other nonprofit and direct sales settings. He has 46 years of professional experience. He has trained, coached, and consulted with school districts, universities, social service agencies, and churches and direct sales organizations, police departments and law firms. He is a growing, learning entrepreneur in coaching and training who is passionate about equipping leaders to develop other leaders to serve.

  • John Hackett

    John is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, and leader in a variety of nonprofit and direct sales settings.

    John has 45 years of experience serving as professor, licensed counselor, and high school administrator, as well as a university administrator. He has also served as a leader in social service agencies, church, and hospital settings. He has trained, coached, and consulted with school districts, universities, social service agencies, and churches.

    John also has experience as a trainer and coach with the William Glasser Institute working with educators to provide healthy respectful school cultures. John has also been an active trainer and coach with his wife’s direct sales team.

    John currently teaches Doctoral level leadership classes focusing on servant leadership coaching and relationship building for transformational change. He can be contacted at

     He has been married for 41 years to Becki a 40-year entrepreneur and had three daughters and two grandsons

    John is a certified trainer and coach with the Direct Selling World Alliance. He can be contacted to provide training coaching or consulting at either Facebook page Making Connections
    @learnleadcoach  815 690 7444
    John Hackett

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