Do you have a realistic Business Mission? By David Feinstein

Do you have a realistic Business Mission?

Do you have a believable and doable business mission?

Do you have one? What do you want to do with your business? Why are you in the business you’re in? The obvious answer is generating income, so dig deeper and find the real reason beyond earthly income. The business mission can drive you to success or tear you apart. It depends on the realism of it and your belief in the statement itself. There is only one you and only you know why your truly in the industry you’re in. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will examine your mission and see if it still rings true.

Mission Statements Build Viable Businesses

Missions enable people to do more than just look at the clock and go home. They are viable elements for a business operation. They get people to believe in the business and put forth the effort to help their prospects or visitors. They are the screwdriver in the toolbox of success. Without this one precise tool, all is lost. It’s that simple and clear cut. If you don’t believe in your own mission, no one else will. You have to search your soul and find the “why” for your operation. It’s difficult but worth the time, especially if you can summarize it in a motto and display it for others to see. If you can’t fit it into a single line motto, that’s perfectly ok too.

Missions build pathways of transparency and determination. If you truly believe in your mission, your prospects and fans will know it. They will sense your honest intentions and feel your enthusiasm in everything you do. That is a big plus for you in the long run, this often turns cold leads into raving fans in the long runs. Some won’t ever be your groupie, but that is just normal activity. All you can do is create, attract, close and delight your prospects as they step forward with you on the relationship.

Goodbye to Unclear Motives

Once you have your statement up, unclear motives will run into the darkness. Your content can then focus on the attract portion of the marketing plan. Your content creation is driven by your “why” of your soul. This is why it’s important to have a clear mission from the get-go. Mud will fly and chaos will rule as you work to bring in the prospects and turn them into leads. Keep focused on the important things and all will settle down eventually.

  • David Feinstein
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