Do You Look For Counsel or Opinions? by Carol Briney

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Carol_BrineyI have spent many years coaching and mentoring people to succeed in the business world. One of the biggest hurdles I see people having is with whom they talk and listen for business and prosperity advice.

My question to you is to who do you listen?  Do you listen to the people who tell you that what you want will not work?  “Don’t try that – you’ll get hurt”.  Do you listen to the naysayers and the negative people?  Do you listen to the people who have been stuck in their lives, and most likely will stay stuck, because the devil they know is better than something new?

Consider this all of this mostly unsolicited advice is just simply people’s opinion.  There is absolutely no fact to most of it.  There is not even much thought put into it.  All these people are doing is sharing their fear with you.  Unfortunately, many people will hear these fearful thoughts, buy into them, own them and stop themselves dead in their tracks.  Most likely they will not even know what stopped them. They just stop moving forward and fall back in line with the people who told them that it couldn’t be done.

It always amazes me that so often we listen to these people.  I have no doubt that most of them mean well by giving us their sage advice.  Most likely they are trying to “save” you from all of the people who might hurt you.  What they don’t ever realize is they are the people who will hurt you if you let them.  They are the people who will hold you hostage with their “kindness”.

People with this mind-set want you to be like them. 

They will do their best to keep you stuck in their rut, too.

Successful people listen to people who can give them counsel on what they are choosing to do, people who can show them the ropes, and show them what steps to take.  Successful people listen to people who say what you want to do may be challenging, but it can be done.  Successful people seek out and listen to other successful people; they search for mentors and coaches who can show them the way.  Successful people do not spend their time thinking about why things can’t be done; they spend their time reading autobiographies of other successful people.  People who choose success are readers, and they go to workshops to learn what they need to know to move forward.

Successful people take inspired action regardless of the fear they feel. 

Each day successful people will take some action that will move them forward. They know that their success will come from a series of baby steps, so they take action, they get feedback from that action, and they adjust their actions using the feedback.  Successful people know that their creator is behind them helping them, guiding them and paving the way for them; they know that they would not be given a dream they could not have.  Successful people will have failures as they take action, but they will always fail forward. They will always learn from their actions and tweak their approach accordingly.

In closing:  Who are you listening to?  Who are you letting get inside of your head?  Are you choosing success, or are you choosing to stay stuck in your rut?   The choice is truly up to you.


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