Does A Better You Involve Others? By George Madiou

Does A Better You Involve Others?

What is it that makes up A Better You? Why are we in this business of Network Marketing? Is it for personal development? Is it for financial or time freedom? Aren’t we all looking for a better me? What does a better you mean to you?

For me, a better me involves people in my life. The 4 people on the cover of this month’s issue, all make me a better me. The first two people are first my best friend, my wife, Debbie. With Debbie was another of my best friends, my late brother-in-law, David DeBeauchamp. Both have absolutely helped make me a better me. The third and forth person on the cover is me with my newest most important person in my life, my new born first grandchild.

Talk about A Better You! It’s not only about you!

To me it always comes down to mindset. My best teacher and mentor on having a great mindset that serves me and those I love and work with, and also those that I’m in a position to teach and influence, is Shad Helmstetter.

Dr. Helmstetter is a mentor of mine that has taught more people about Mindset that will improve your life and those you come in contact with. If your not familiar with his work, go here and enjoy the journey!

Another great friend and one of the best MLM Historians is Ron Henley. Ron recently shares a classic video of two of The Network Marketing Magazine’s best contributors and greatest teachers, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.

In this rare stage appearance of Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar you’ll hear two of the greatest explain that a better you starts with others.

 Offering wisdom to our members like this, is what The Network Marketing Magazine is all about! I Want To Thank You All, George Madiou.


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