Does it take luck to be successful in Network Marketing? By Paul Morris

Does it take luck to be successful in Network Marketing?

An assumption is often made and ultimately begs the question…

“Does it take luck to be successful in Network Marketing?”  After 50 years of building some of the largest Network Marketing organizations in the world, my conclusion is, absolutely not!

What may to the novice ‘appear’ to be luck is far from any game of chance you will find in Las Vegas.

What may appear to be an overnight success for someone may be the culmination of many years of developing people skills and establishing relationships with people and creating an invisible network of communication with friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and people in general. So, when this person joins a credible Network Marketing Company, they call in their chips, so to speak, and contact their friends asking them to take a look at their new business opportunity or product line.  Having an existing relationship with all of these people and having created a relationship where the people in this circle of influence, know, like, and trust them makes for fertile ground for introducing your offer to a group willing to listen and likely get involved because they would enjoy working with that person.

Recently I met a person who joined a company and reached a high award level generating 10,000 dollars in volume in only 21 days. The interesting thing was that this woman had not set a goal to do that, but rather simply got excited about what she experienced with the products and what she read online.  The other interesting point was that she did not even know she had reached this high award level. She saw a post on Facebook from her sponsor congratulating her for achieving Silver, so she called her to ask what that was!  The moral of the story is that she was not an overnight success, although she did become successful seemingly overnight. In listening to her story, I caught a couple of key points.  She did not wait to read up on everything and study up on her vast product line, and start reading self-help books, and begin watching training videos.  She simply got excited and started sharing with all her friends, inviting them to her home and then going to her friend’s homes to talk to their friends encouraging them to hold classes for all of their friends. They got excited, shared with everyone and kept the momentum going. The bottom line is she worked diligently telling everyone because she desired to have her friends experience what she was experiencing by using the products.

Because she kept it simple, others began to duplicate what she was doing, and the rest is history.

Today she is at the highest award level in the company earning a small fortune every month, much of which is residual earnings because it based on personal consumption by customers who order every month.

The best strategy is start with a burst of enthusiasm and commit to massive action for the first 90 days.  Make every effort to enroll 10 to 12 new members as fast as possible.

This will create what is called momentum.  The faster you build your business, the faster your business will grow.  It becomes exciting when you build fast and excitement is contagious.

When your new distributors see you excited and see you enrolling new people, they will automatically get caught up in the excitement and they will start doing what they see you doing. It is called the “monkey see, monkey do effect”, and it is one of the most powerful ways of training anyone.

You are actually teaching them what to do by doing it yourself and them watching you do it inspires them to do the same thing. It is like “on the job training”.  If you have enrolled a few distributors and then they see you reading the policies and procedures and studying all the literature in the sales kit and spending hours watching online videos about the product and notice you are not recruiting and hear you telling them they you want to wait until you learn all about the product before getting started, they will do the same thing, and no one will be recruiting. Yes, you should read the material in the sales kit, and yes you should watch the videos explaining the products, but not during the hours you could be doing meetings, three-way phone calls, zoom webinars, one on ones, two on ones or conducting classes and enrolling new members. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and read in the morning before you start your day.

When I was in college I was working on my private pilot’s license and experienced the perfect analogy for starting a Network Marketing business.

Looking back on that experience, I must say, building a successful MLM organization is similar to flying a small aircraft.  At a slow speed of 40 mph you can run up and down the runway all day long and never get enough ‘lift’ on the wings to take off. But when you push the throttle to the firewall and rev up the engine to full speed and hit 60 to 70 mph and pull back on the yoke or joy stick, you are airborne.  Hold the engine RPM at 2,400 (depending on the engine model), you will climb to 1,000 feet in one minute, in two minutes you are at 3,000 feet. Once at your desired altitude you can pull back the throttle and lower the engine RPM, adjust your trim control and glide along effortlessly.

Building your MLM business is the same way. You need to give it all you’ve got for a short burst of the first few months. Once the excitement and momentum is established you can slow down to a more normal schedule and the business will keep growing as all of your leaders are getting their businesses off the ground.

The reason you need to enroll 10 to 12 new members as soon as possible, (all front line to you) is that you do not know which ones will take off and become business builders and start recruiting and which ones will just be comfortable being customers and consuming $100 to $200 a month in products.  Out of those fist 12 people you will see some begin to enroll other members and they will express to you their desire to build the business and in some cases express their desire to make it their full-time occupation.

Now if all you are going to do is enroll a few people and hope that every one of them succeeds without your help, then you are really gambling, and it would be pure luck if all of them did succeed.

So, in this case you could say, wow that person was lucky, and it could possibly be true.  I say possibly, because perhaps that person spend the last 30 years of their life recruiting hundreds of people, teaching, training, and mentoring these people and it all boiled down to them having six highly skilled and trained people ready to build. If this were the case then it certainly was not luck, but rather the culmination of a lifetime of teaching, training and cultivating their team. Now if that person ran an ad in the newspaper and six people signed up and all six became successful then that would be pure luck.

I will have to say that in 50 years of building large organizations in this industry I have not met anyone that succeeded by being lucky.  They all worked diligently, putting in long hours.

So, if there is any conclusion I could make regarding luck, it would be this…  “The harder your work the luckier you’ll get!”

Becoming successful in Network Marketing is not the luck of enrolling a few people and hoping they make it. Success demands being proactive and not passively waiting for things to happen; you must take action and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Paul Morris

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