Does Life Get in the Way? by RS Mallory

RSMalloryThis is YOUR Life! Don’t let it get in the way; make it whatever you want it to be!  It seems fitting to be thinking about our goals in the new year! We all know that we must set a Goal for ourselves, whether it be for our Home based business or even our personal lives. There are lots of articles on Goal Setting; how to, what to say, and how to stay focused. Lots of people Are making money selling you articles or “programs” so that you can “Stick to” Your goals. The truth is that goal setting and KEEPING your goal activities is very simple IF you understand what might derail you 🙂  NULL  Here are a few reasons that you might put your goals aside:

  1. Your Vision is not clear
  2. You do not believe you are worthy
  3. “Life” gets in the way
  4. You do not persevere
  5. It’s easier to quit than to take one step at a time towards your goal

Your Vision What is your personal vision? Is it physical, spiritual, business, personal?

Whatever YOUR vision is you will know it because you will TASTE IT, SMELL IT And FEEL IT just as if it is already yours!

1- Write a VISION STATEMENT and post it on your VISION BOARD (some people call it a DREAM BOARD). Be sure your written Statement is clear with ALL the details of your vision. If you want to build a home for instance, make sure all the details are included in your statement; size of lot, location, the view from each room, colors of rooms, dimensions, exposure etc. 2- Be sure and include your activities as if you are already living in the home; be very specific. 3- Be sure to write your Vision Statement in the NOW (present tense) On Being Worthy/Self Esteem Working on our self-esteem is on ongoing process. Most of us have some kind of “Gotcha’s” living in our heads. Maybe we hear our Aunt or a parent telling us that we are “not able” or will “never be able” to do or be successful. Consider that we almost ALWAYS live up to those voices; it is called Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Start your own Personal Growth, it’s easy! Read or listen to tapes for at least 30 minutes daily. Here are some great titles to get you started:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill TNT the Power Within You by Claude Bristol **** 7 Habits of Successful People by Stephen Covey Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles We can use Self Fulfilling Prophecy to turn our lives into a Positive stream of energy rather than derailing us and keeping us from attaining our goals. Each day that you read and absorb these details and concepts and PUT THEM IN TO PRACTICE you are becoming a stronger and more successful person. Does Life get in the Way? Make yourself your own #1 priority. Go ahead, it’s okay. Did you know that most of the baby-boomers were taught that it was selfish of them to ask for something for themselves or even make themselves a priority? Not True!! In fact, JUST THE REVERSE IS TRUE.

Putting yourself first, ASKING for what you want is just the thing that will INITIATE the energy of the Universe and help you move towards your goals.

Make YOURSELF and your GOALS a priority and then TAKE ACTION; move forward and do not lose sight of what you want or where you are going. Perseverance & The Easy way Out! Remember, your goals are YOURS and you are able to achieve anything you desire as long as you believe you are worthy and able. Working on yourself is an ongoing, lifetime process. Attaining your goals usually doesn’t take a lifetime. The trick is NOT TO QUIT and keep moving forward towards your goal. If you DO this, you NEVER lose 🙂 I recently spoke at a Leadership Summit and told the audience,

“Whatever you think you want to be YOU ALREADY ARE; you simply need to take the Actions to bring it in to your reality. Whatever you want to attain you need only to take the Actions to bring it in to Your reality for it is already here waiting for you” This is YOUR Life! Don’t let it get in the way; make it whatever you want it to be!

RS Mallory, Compassionate Marketing


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