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Steve_DaileyDoing a good thing every day eventually makes good things happen. Have fun! Many years ago I learned that good habits led to good things. I figured out that when I did a little bit of something good every day, it would sooner or later turn into a good outcome; a few pull ups, a few laps in the pool, a hug or two, a smile or two. You know. So when I started my Business Coaching business, I decided that if I could provide people with a “Dailey” dose of a positive, productive thought that it might make an impact on how successful they were in business – or even life. I decided to do segments on selling, service, leadership, health, work/life balance, mindset… pretty much anything I thought of or noticed initiated positive outcomes in business. It sort of wandered but always with purpose. NULL

The format and rhythm of my missives evolved many times over the years, but I eventually found that everyone learns differently – some do better hearing things and some by seeing things – so I decided to combine the two by using both my voice and a written script. Eventually I called my offering of regular mo -jo “Laser Minute”. What was fun was that I started getting some complimentary feedback. People would mention a Laser Minute particular segment that touched them when they saw me. Others would pop things out of their mouth that I would think, “Hey, that sounds pretty good….” and then they would say, “I learned that from you!” Cool. Now one of the things I learned very early as a young coach is that that my rhythm may not be your rhythm – that an ambitious person might need an insight or a tip or kick in the butt when I’m not necessarily available.

I try to be available as much as I can to help people – but at the end of the day, if a person can learn how to grab the tools they need when they need it most they are much better off. I want to accelerate success, not hold it back!

So what I’ve decided to do is go through the years of Laser Minute segments I have produced and pick out 52 of them that seemed to be the most popular or made the most difference for listeners and readers. And I am going to give them all to you in one big batch to have, download, and use however you wish – to reach for when you realize you need them. I chose the number 52 so that you would have at least one a week – but shoot, if for some reason you needed to go through them every hour for two days straight or choose one at random each day, or pull one out prior to each staff meeting… you should have that choice. Just use them to inspire you, move you, challenge you and guide you to new levels of success whenever you need. Because you know what? Doing a good thing every day eventually makes good things happen. Have fun! Get your 52 Laser Minutes by going to Steve’s web site Achievement Bridge Coach Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win © 2011, [email protected]


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