Don’t be Afraid to Set Lofty Goals by Josh Hinds

Josh HindsIt seems that fewer people are dreaming big dreams, and of those who do,
even fewer are willing to go as far as to craft a plan in the form of a
goal, which will outline the actions necessary to get them the results they

You’re not chained to the same outcome as those around you…


Perhaps it’s the perception people have of the economy at the moment, or
the stories they hear on the news of others experiencing challenging times.
People see others having a hard time, and their default is to believe that
because someone else is experiencing challenges, then surely they are going
to as well. Nothing could be further from the truth – unless of course you
choose to believe that is the case, and if you do choose it then you are
very likely to see more of it show up in your life.

I’m not wearing rose colored glasses, but you do play a part…

Please understand that I’m not saying that we can simply wish away the
things which are out of our control. I wouldn’t dare insult your
intelligence that way. Rather, what I’m suggesting is that the way we
choose to react to what happens to us does play a part in whatever eventual
outcomes we experience.

I like what my friend and colleague, Bob Burg says, “You cannot control
“The” Economy but you can absolutely control “Your” economy.”

I hope that you will give that some serious thought, because there’s
something truly empowering about accepting that we are not simply pawns
left to blow aimlessly through life, and that we do have a part to play in
how our lives play out.

There are always examples of those who have succeeded during difficult

Here’s a truth I want you to keep in mind — even during the most
challenging of economic times you can find real examples of ordinary people
who went on to make their dreams a reality, in-spite of what conventional
wisdom said was supposed to be possible.

Friend, what I hope to impress upon you, is that you play an active role in what your life can look like, and what you can accomplish, both personally and professionally.


Don’t make the mistake of believing that your ship is tied to the actions
or results that others experience. You are as capable as anyone of
succeeding in your endeavors. You are just as capable of taking your ideas,
breathing life into them and seeing them become a reality. Provided of
course that you are willing to get on with the business of doing what is
required of you.

Bridge the gap between idea and action…


In order to get the results you’re after, you need to understand the idea
behind what I call “bridging the gap between idea, and action.” Make no
mistake, the quicker you can take your idea from thought, to some real
action, the greater the likelihood it will be that you meet with success —
the opposite is also true — in that the longer you wait — the more likely
it will be that you never get past the “planning phase.”

Friend, while it’s true you can accomplish great things, you must be
willing to get started. Fortunately, getting started requires little more
than taking the time to set a goal. The goal you set is the plan you’ll
take which will ultimately get you to your intended destination.

Far too often, this is the sticking point for many. For a whole host of
reasons people never get started – instead they allow fear and doubt to get
in the way of ever actually beginning.

I’ll concede that putting your dream on paper can be scary, especially if
you don’t have any past accomplishments to prop up your belief system
already. That said,  consider what would be far more dreadful, to die with
your dream still in you, left wondering what might have been had you just
been able to move past your fear.

As somebody who in the past, let fear get in the way of things I wanted to
see show up in my life, and fortunately overcame that fear, I can tell you
it’s not something you want to let beat you.

Consider the quote that says, “fear stands for false evidence appearing
real.” I can tell you from experience that an interesting thing happens in
the very moment in which we decide to look whatever we are fearing in the
face and move on in spite of it. Incredibly the fear we once felt begins to
subside and suddenly we begin to move forward with confidence.

Make the choice to be a person who bucks the trend and sets lofty goals,
and dreams big dreams. If you can do this, you will amaze yourself by what
you are capable of, and the vast experiences you will have in life.

Don’t let others determine your altitude…


Don’t allow others to dictate what you are capable of achieving. Dream big,
and bring your dreams to life by working the goals you set. Now, more than
ever the world needs you to make your dreams a reality, so others can look
to your example, and gain strength in knowing that they too can succeed.

Friend, make no mistake…

It’s your life, LIVE BIG,
Josh Hinds

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