Don’t Ever Give It Up! Give It Time! By Sue Seward

Don’t Ever Give It Up! Give It Time!

Anything worthwhile takes time and effort.

Life is not always a cakewalk and there’s no free lunch as they say right?  Success just doesn’t happen overnight, and people don’t get rich in a few short months unless they win the lottery and what are the odds for that?  Nuff said!

Maybe this happens for a few lucky ones.  You know all those successful people you read about online and in magazines who say they got a check for a bill-zillion dollars in a few short months in their Network Marketing business! Then these few make everyone think it’s so easy and that they struck it rich overnight. There’s usually a story behind the story of how this all came about. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know how it works. It usually takes years of hard work,
and sometimes some sacrifice.

This get rich mentality just isn’t the reality of any industry. There can be, however, a lot of hype, especially on the Internet. It’s important to be realistic and help people to start thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset.  That means setting up a business like a regular business, develop realistic goals, or else people continue to be frustrated and most will quit or move on to the next best thing that’s promising them more pie in the sky overnight riches.

Personally, it has taken a lot of years to be able to understand what to do and to learn how to run a business. Developing into a leader took baby steps too.

Before someone can help other people develop, they’ve got to develop themselves personally. When starting out in 1996, I had no business background, no corporate business background, no college degrees, no contacts, and no credibility. I was a stay at home mom raising two boys who are grown now and off developing their own careers.  Our older son has been serving in the military for over seven years and is doing well in his career.  Our younger son graduated from UTPB in Odessa and has been working for an oil company out in Midland, Tx. for three years after graduating.  Both are earning a nice income with benefits and doing well in their careers.  We are very proud of the young men they’ve become and what they’ve accomplished.

The journey has not always been an easy road to travel.   

I stumbled and mumbled and made many mistakes along the way but I never gave up. I’ve been to the mountain top and down deep in the valley, so totally understand what it’s like to be frustrated and struggling to make a go of things.  Being in business is a constant learning and growing process where I was paid while learning and developing a six-figure income.  I understood too about being underpaid in the beginning.  I was able to stay home with my kids and take them and pick them up from school and taxi them to their activities. I haven’t had to work for someone else in over 20 plus years.  It’s a beautiful thing too when eventually people start coming to you to ask for advice.

Ask people who say they quit their jobs in 6 months or a year to work Network Marketing full time really how many hours did they have to spend in the beginning to make the money they do so quickly. More importantly, what sort of sacrifices did they have to make?  It’s the same thing in Real Estate or being a stockbroker, insurance broker, etc. right?

Of course it may be a lot easier for a single guy with no wife, no kids, no house or yard to care for, to concentrate 16 to 18 hours a day on developing their Network Marketing career with no one to answer to, no kids to take to ball games, no diapers to change, babies to feed, no dinner to cook, no house to clean, no homework to help with, no groceries to shop for, no spouse to give attention.

Try not to compare.  Everyone’s life situation is different. Many people start out part-time because it’s necessary to work it around a full-time job or around a full-time life.

We know that a lot of the time women are usually the caretakers and have not only the responsibility of building a multi-million-dollar business but also the responsibility of caring for their families and sometimes that may include their own aging parents.

Most people have a full-time job as well as other priorities in their lives. Even with all this going on anyone can develop a career in Network Marketing if they really take the precious time they do have and taking it step by step as the business grows in time.

Most of all never give up!

Because what happens is eventually leverage happens which creates more time freedom.   Remember success can come with a price tag. What that is, depends on each person.    There are people who are satisfied with a part-time income from Network Marketing. Be realistic about the time frame involved and stay open to what other people’s goals and aspirations are. They may not be the same as yours or could, in fact, be even bigger.

Read everything you can about your company, products, the profession and keep developing professionally. Network consistently with likeminded business partners and other colleagues in the industry and with people in general that you connect with. Stay open to listening to what others are saying.

Attend every company function possible and attend leadership training seminars. Read books on leadership and business. Robert Kiyosaki has always been a favorite.  Over the last 20 plus years I’ve learned and picked up useful tips from – Women’s tapes from Upline, Dani Johnson, Susan Sly, Todd Falcone, Rod Nichols, Kim Klaver, Doug Firebaugh, Bob Burg, Jim Rohn, John C. Maxwell, Mark Gorman, Big Al Tom Schreiter, Art Jonak, David Harris Jr., Daren Falter, Robby Fender, and most of all the Bible.

I’ve networked with positive likeminded people who also have the desire to succeed in their careers.  Over the years I joined organizations like the DSWA Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, The Heartlink Network, The Association For Network Marketing Professionals, and other networking groups online and offline such as the local Chamber of Commerce and BNI.  I plugged in with industry and entrepreneurial publications like Networking Times magazine, Success magazine, Home Business Magazine,, and other professional publications.

Over the years in this career, I was constantly on the lookout for successful business-minded people in the community and ask who a good referral for them would be and in turn, they usually referred people as well.   Always think of others first by asking questions about them and what they do. Take a genuine interest in other people and offer to help them without expecting something in return. Building relationships is the ‘key to success’ in any business whether it’s online, offline or both.

Being a ‘go-giver’ rather than a ‘taker’ is what gains people’s trust!

Sue Seward
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