Don’t Exhibit at Farmer’s Markets and Other Events, by Ron Wilder

I know I will get some resistance from die-hard distributors about this, but hear me out.

One of my leaders regularly has a booth at multiple farmer’s markets in the area. She spends countless hours preparing product samples to solve multiple pet-related health and wellness-related issues.

Her events look like this:

  • Spends hours preparing the product samples and smaller size product packages
  • Loads up her car the night before the event
  • Drives to the farmer’s market early in the morning
  • Sets up her booth and cover (it gets hot in the summer)
  • Stands on her feet for eight hours the first day sharing her products to people passing by
  • Enters them into contests (“win a prize, just fill out this survey and put it in the bowl”)
  • Packs up her booth in her car at the end of the day
  • Drives back home
  • Takes her pets out for a walk
  • Cleans herself up
  • Crashes in bed!
  • Repeats everything above for the second day
  • Unloads her car
  • Cleans herself up
  • Crashes in bed!
  • Starts the almost-cold-calling process the next day to follow up with all her leads

When I asked her how many business builders she has received from all the events she has done for the past eight years, she said, “none.” She says she uses the leads to plug holes for her MLM matrix structure to earn a higher bonus, and she is a lower-ranking leader in our MLM!

Recently, I asked her if she wanted anything to change. She said she wants to go Diamond. What does she need for Diamond? Business builders. So, she stopped the farmer’s markets to focus on finding builders and getting to Diamond.

My experience is that you meet lots of friendly people at the events, but they want free samples and lower-priced products. They’re not asking for a business opportunity. If you use farmer’s markets and street fairs during the simmer (oops, summer) months, tell me this: how many real business builders have you enrolled? Be honest. Was it worth the countless hours and dollars you spent on the booths, supplies, resale tax licenses, and even wear and tear on your body? What has your experience been?


Imagine if you were to go downtown and walk into stores at 2 P.M. and starting a conversation with business owners about what is important to them in the same time you spent at that farmer’s market or street fair. Do you think you could find more business builders than at the farmer’s market or street fair?

Ron Wilder
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