Dont Follow Up…. By Cody Wasial

Unless you mean it, truly though what’s your intention? 

Let’s take a moment and identify what types of follow-up one can provide.

#1 Genuine follow-up curiosity 

#2 Follow up after an issue to show good customer service 

#3 Follow up to check back in as promised 

#4 You want something 

#5 Out of a personal need 

In my own experience anytime I was out of alignment with the first 3 and operating out of number 4 and 5 the results would reflect that misalignment. I have never had anyone turn me away when I have followed up in a genuine truthful manner. 

If your having some fear around the follow up simply remember the very person you are about to follow up with may just need what you have in that very moment and you can change a life forever, in one call, one moment, one follow-up. 

So don’t follow up unless you’re ready to change lives and make magic in an authentic way !! 

– Cody

Cody Wasial
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