Don’t Major In Debt! by George Madiou

One of the biggest crimes that are taking place among our children is the unbelievable debt that enslaves our college-bound students through the student loan system.

10 years ago, a brilliant filmmaker, Michael Porte, recognized a developing problem that was affecting our children in a disastrous way. Out-of-control student debt. Was this a problem aided by High School counselors, Banks, Schools, or uninformed parents and students? 10 years later, the problem has grown into a trillion-dollar mushrooming problem.

10 years ago, the cost of college was skyrocketing. Student debt had exceeded One Billion Dollars. Student has borrowed more to pay for their college education than they can reasonably expect to pay back. “Voices of Debt” documentary is their voice. A warning, and a call for action about this crisis on the verge of national disaster. Don’t Major in Debt. Watch this short video to understand this issue and after the video, we would like to get your comments on a possible solution to this issue.

Don’t Major In Debt

The Network Marketing Magazine is in its 18th year of publication. We are the #1 network marketing success and training resource in the world. This publication has had over 300 contributors writing over 4,000 articles on over 80 topics. It is international because, with a click of a button, it can change every article into 120 different languages. There is a search bar that can bring up articles for any subject for success in this industry.

We are considering creating a 4-year college curriculum to earn a bachelor’s degree majoring in Network Marketing. This will be an educational and hands-on curriculum with the goal of learning and earning so a student would be debt-free when complete or better.

We are giving our readers and members an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions as we create this program. We would love to hear from you as we tackle this major problem for our children and their future. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

George Madiou
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