Don’t Place Your Future on Luck and Chance by Fred Weih

Let Your Emotions Drive Your Today and Future!

If you asked most people “how does emotion affect their lives”, you probably will get a response like “love, laughter, even anger” come to mind. Of course those examples are correct. In this article, you will find how emotions, the hidden ones, play a much bigger role in our daily lives and you will start to learn that you really do have control of your today and future.

Emotions decide your every action, everything from choosing an ice cream flavor to deciding your future.

Emotions can be passive or proactive.

Passive Emotions

Examples include: Doing nothing when you need to do something. My car needs brakes, it’s dangerous to myself and family to even use the car, it costs $400 to repair them and I don’t have the money. The emotional passive response, to get that type of extra money, I can save $50 each month for 8 months from my…fill in the blanks….small salary, fixed income. You decide to be passive, don’t go out of your comfort zone and do nothing to help yourself. You continue the helpless emotion and continue to suffer.

Proactive Emotions

Same situation, but this time you make a proactive emotional decision. You say to yourself, I’m not going to suffer this time, you make an emotional decision to do something about it. You start a part time business within the Network Marketing Industry and YOU EARN $500 in

2 months working part time. You get your brakes fixed 6 months faster and reward yourself and the family with a fun day out, having fun (another proactive emotion).

Changing your emotion, changed your future.

Making Positive Emotional Decisions

You learn that focusing your emotions on “solutions” instead of suffering, your life can change in a blink of an eye. All of us have this power within, the emotional power to move forward. Don’t ever place your future on Luck or Chance, you really do have a way of producing the positive outcomes through your emotional decisions.

 Don’t Place Your Future on Luck and Chance by Fred Weih


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