Don’t Place Your Future on Luck and Chance by Fred Weih

Let Your Emotions Drive Your Today and Future! If you asked most people “how does emotion affect their lives”, you probably will get a response like “love, laughter, even anger” come to mind. Of course those examples are correct. In…

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Frederick Weih

Frederick Weih Futurist, Inventor, Pioneer
The Father of Modern Home Grocery Shopping
Being a Futurist, Fred acted on his vision that he predicted would come to pass. Combining Network Marketing with Main Stream Grocery Shopping seemed impossible. First, experimenting with Grocery Store Pick Models in the late 80’s, developing hybrids in the 90’s, inventing the first full blown warehousing systems and testing 3rd party providers, his vision was realized. There truly is a market for a national delivery service and alternative channels for consumers to purchase groceries at lower prices. Identifying the real power is held by the consumer, everyday shoppers, millions of them, who will decide the future of grocery shopping & network marketing. This was the beginning of Fred’s vision for a new type of loyalty Plan, one that would truly reward consumers for being faithful shoppers.
Millions of consumers have been influenced by Mr. Weih’s inventions. Today, his goal is to use technology as a tool to lower the cost of purchasing everyday consumer items in grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. His Patent Pending Cash Back Apps are truly brining network marketing into the main stream of American life.
Always inventing, creating and brining the Future to life. Fred’s vision is to lower the cost of everyday items while creating the future of network marketing.
Fred is currently the co-founder and inventor of a technology company based in Arizona. Contact Fred at or 623-556-5030
Frederick Weih
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