Don’t Play Peek-a-You on Social Media- Go all YOU! By Cody Wasial

Cody Wasial

Let’s face it you are always hearing I can’t stand social media, people aren’t really there, they just post the good stuff.

Well here is how we change it. It starts with me and you !!!!

In an era of hiding behind filters and playing peek-a-boo with our true selves on social media, I have dedicated myself to breaking free from the shackles of pretense. Embracing authenticity has been my secret weapon to unlock genuine joy and build meaningful connections. Join me on this whimsical journey as we uncover the best strategies to reveal our true selves in the digital realm without hiding or playing peek-a-you. 

Reflecting on My Values and Passions: It’s Time to Show and Tell!

In a world where “show, don’t tell” is the mantra, I’ve taken a different approach. I show my true colors and tell the world what I stand for.

By identifying my core values and passions, I’ve become a vibrant beacon of authenticity on social media. No more hiding behind smoke and mirrors; it’s time to show and tell the world who I really am- time to show the world who you really are too.

Embracing Imperfections: Celebrating the Quirky, the Goofy, and the Unfiltered!

Why play peek-a-boo with my imperfections when I can celebrate them? I’ve learned that embracing my quirks and imperfections is the truest expression of myself. From the goofy dance moves to the unfiltered thoughts, I’m fearlessly sharing my authentic self. Let’s tear down the walls of perfection and create a space where imperfections are celebrated.

Telling My Story: Unveiling the Tales of My Joyful Journey

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Cody Wasial
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