Don’t Play the Telephone Game with Your Success by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyIn today’s fast paced world of information exchange, customers are looking for the right information, right now, and sooner if possible. I may be giving away my age with a reference such as the “Telephone Game”, that was before technology hit the home entertainment life. Let me see if I can get my point across as it relates to your success. In today’s fast paced world of information exchange, customers are looking for the right information, right now, and sooner if possible. So if you are relying on a person to give that first impression, or the first pitch of your company or product, you might just have a while to wait. Technology now allows you have powerful presentation software for pennies a day, and 24/7. This is so critical, that people who are looking for you or your product or service, have a consistent story. NULL

Unlike the game I played when I was little, the telephone game, where one person started by telling someone a simple story, and it was whispered to one another around the table. When it got back to the person that started it… 99.9% of the time is was no where near what they started with.

If that happens to your company story today, you will have just one result, lost customers.

Now with all the different products that are out there and the 1000’s of different features to choose from, its overwhelming to find one that makes sense. Let me give you a couple of criteria that may bring you value when you are looking to choose an online presentation partner. Can you talk to someone that will guide you through the process? There are some great providers out there, but they are so busy they do everything via email, and you get lost in a sea of support, and don’t really get your project started. I remember. I was that person when I was new to this technology and I spent literally $100’s of dollars monthly to ‘pay’ to learn how to make it work. Make sure you can get someone to talk with. Will the system convert the info you have into the correct versions, to give you maximum benefit from your well created story? Most have the ability to convert into flash, the challenge is the original version you bring it to them in. A handful will be able to convert 99% of the types out there into the Flash. It should also be done free of charge. The great news is that in today’s business, the total size of the company does not reflect on the quality of the technology. It’s usually just the opposite. Being flexible and able to adapt to the individual customers needs is what the giants are trying to get back to. I recently came across a company like that and I hope you find one that makes the best solution to get your point across. They guys over at have their act together and I like what they are doing to build the business. If you tell them about this article, they will double the days for your free trial to 30. That will be our little secret.


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