Doubt Comes With Commitment by Steve Dailey

Steve_DaileyDoubt is not a good reason to decide your desire to commit is a bad idea. Doubt comes with commitment – it doesn’t own it. Think about the last time you made a commitment to something. It might have been a commitment to a new job, a commitment to join a group, a commitment to a new relationship or maybe a commitment to start an exercise program. What did you think about right before – and right after – you made the commitment? Without knowing anything about your decision – the circumstances, the alternatives or the influences – I can tell you that I know exactly what you were thinking about. And what was it – if I’m so smart? You had doubt. You see, commitment comes with doubt… every time.

So why is this important to realize and understand? Because it is doubt that causes most of us to shy away from commitment. It is the “other side of the argument” that causes us to pause, hesitate, delay or even turn away from a new thing.

 NULL So what’s the big deal? When we let doubt dominate our evaluation of a new decision we also let doubt drive the best things in life and business. Doubting is natural – but it doesn’t have to stop you. Think about it. Has not every single thing you have done in life or business that you are proud of first and most importantly started with a bold, unwavering commitment? Absolutely. And have not the places in your life and business where you have been committed brought out of you the most of you; the capabilities, intelligence, resolve, courage? Of course! Commitment is the essence of achievement. It’s at its core. And the little tiny, pervasive obstacle that can – if not checked – prevent commitment from forming and leading us to impressive and exhilarating new achievements – is doubt.

Don’t let doubt extinguish the richness of life or derail ultimate success in business. Allow doubt to help you weigh smart options and alternatives. But also allow the muscle of commitment to fully balance your evaluation of every opportunity.

Doubt is not a good reason to decide your desire to commit is a bad idea. Doubt comes with commitment – it doesn’t own it. Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win


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