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Steve_DaileyThe habit of acting immediately instead of delaying the inevitable creates powerful momentum. I’m sure you have heard that the key to conquering procrastination is to simply deploy the mantra: “Do It Now!” No matter the task, the timing or the climb – do it now.

The habit of acting immediately instead of delaying the inevitable creates powerful momentum.

So if that hasn’t become a theme for handling all the darts and arrows that will come to you in a day – do that now! Decide to do it…now! But then what? It isn’t always as simple as “doing it now”; is it? Sometimes what there is to do isn’t always clear or obvious. Or what you can see to do doesn’t have an obvious path, isn’t clean, or has implications. Sometimes there are many parts that need to be done but not a clear choice as to what to do first. And sometimes real obstacles are in the way – expected or not – that prevent intended action. NULL

So “doing it now” could send you off in a direction that will require considerable effort, might result in missteps or could even add unnecessary steps to your process of achieving a goal unless you think it through. And sometimes you simply aren’t ready to just “do it now”. So now…we’re back at delaying action again – or what could look like procrastination and NOT “doing it now”. If you find yourself in this conundrum, I have a solution for you. It’s a simple but even more powerful paradigm that defeats procrastination while assuring confident and deliberate action without missteps or do-overs. You can remember this new paradigm with the acronym of “D O W I T” followed by the word “Now”. Say it out loud and it sounds the same… “do it now” but it stands for something much more powerful… Do Whatever It Takes Now.

Do whatever it takes.

Do it now – D O W I T now – makes a declaration that you will do whatever it takes, whatever it needs, however it happens, with or without the optimum information, tools, or resources to simply get moving in an inspired and deliberate direction. It implies a sort of Green Beret attitude about taking on a target with the intention of winning. So what is “whatever it takes”? What ever it takes is this:

– the first step that you can do just to get your feet, mind and heart moving – a courageous leap over an obstacle rather than trying to negotiate it – a shift in mindset from questions about process to a focus on the end result – a declarative moment – what I call a fist pounding moment – where you finally declare yourself as finished with further delay, no matter the unanswered questions – that “ready-set-go” push where you finally give yourself a deadline of “now” and simply step off the edge of the diving board and out into the exciting thin air of achievement

So don’t just do it now – Do Whatever It Takes Now! You’ll be inspired with urgency, courage and completion and you will find yourself fueled by momentum. Just remember: it’s whatever it takes! Now charge on AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win


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