Do YOU Want to Know a Secret? by David Nelson

David NelsonSuccess in network marketing is not an accident.

“The secret of success is still a secret to the average American.” — E. C. McKenzie
George Madiou, founder and publisher of the, wants his readers “to know a secret.” He selected the topic of “The Secrets of Financial Freedom” for the May 2009 issue. George suggests: “This is a topic that virtually every network marketer is looking for.” It is true that virtually every network marketer would love to enjoy financial freedom.

I believe a vast majority of networkers would be happy to be profitable and even to develop some financial security from their network marketing activities.

George then asks, “Are there really secrets?” The answer to that is “Well, yes… and no.”

NULL About Secrets Secrets are provocative! Hearing the question, “Do you want to know a secret?” arouses curiosity in most people, and they really want to know the secret. Interestingly, once they know a good secret, they want to share it with others. Secrets are ideas, activities, or information concealed from general knowledge or view. Not everyone knows a secret. Real secrets are not visibly expressed, rather they are private or confidential. Sometimes secrets seem beyond ordinary understanding or are mysterious. At other times, a secret can be a basic fact or principle that someone has not yet personally learned or discovered, but others know. What some people call “secrets” are simply common sense principles. And, when the word “secret” is used, it usually gets people’s attention. These Are NOT Secrets Most companies in the network marketing industry provide great products. They have to if they want us to share them with family, friends, circle-of-influence contacts, and yes, even prospects that come from cold market contacting. They must really work! The best network marketing products are consumable, unique, emotional and high quality. That’s certainly not a secret.

It’s also no secret that the major focus of most introductory presentations in network marketing is a product focus.

There is a reason for that and it’s not what most people realize. That understanding may well be a secret to most people. It’s no secret that a viable opportunity must have great products. I have shared and taught that again and again over the years of doing the business. I continue to teach it!

A secret for part-time networkers to comprehend and apply is that you must have BOTH great products AND a fair and profitable compensation plan in order to succeed financially.

The Secret of Financial Success for Part-Time Networkers Knowing the compensation plan is a priority. Network marketing is a business. If you are seeking financial success, you should treat it as a business. Serious participants in network marketing are involved in the business to make money. A product may have attracted them, but they do the business to make money. To accomplish that, you must get paid for what you do. You must be able to develop a positive cash flow. You must work a program that has a compensation plan that you can understand, present to others, and earn significant bonus dollars on the sales volume in your downline. Assuming that you are building the business, the compensation plan determines whether you can or not. Understanding how the cash flow is going to develop should be of primary concern for part-time networkers as they start the business. So many times, network marketers who have difficult and complex compensation plans have said, “Don’t worry about the compensation plan, that will take care of itself. Just purchase this product to maximize your discounts now, and you’ll understand the compensation plan later.” Think about that for a moment.

Would you go to work for an employer who said, “Don’t worry about how much I will pay you. That will take care of itself later.”

In traditional business, virtually everyone wants to know about the compensation before they make the commitment to work. The traditional business entrepreneur wants to determine if profits can be created before investing time and money into the venture. In network marketing, because many compensation plans are designed for recruiters, those who promote them tend to focus on the product or how easy it will be for the part-timer “to get your two or three, and that’s all you need.” A secret is that it’s just not true! Don’t allow others to take your due diligence away from knowing how the compensation plan works. Make sure you understand that on your part-time effort you can really make positive cash flow. Secrets for Recessionary Times This week a fellow networker shared Brian Wong’s secrets for recessionary times. Brian cautions that we not listen to the media and its negative sensationalism. He teaches that many fortunes made were started in the Great Depression. Then, he says, “There are only two things you need for the next two years to achieve a lifetime of financial success.” Brian says, “I’m going to reveal to you the two most powerful secrets to control your internal economy and become rich.” Here they are:

Secret #1: Specific knowledge Secret #2: Effective, timely action.

George asked, “Are there really secrets?” The answer to that is “Well, yes… and no.” It seems to me that Brian’s two secrets are common sense principles. It’s great advice and very appropriate right now. You have received some “specific knowledge” in this article. If it was a secret, it no longer is. Now, it’s time to take “effective, timely action” and obtain financial security, yes, even financial freedom in network marketing. Network marketing is a business opportunity. Be proud of it! Treat it like a business venture as you get involved, as well as after you are involved. You’ll have a much better chance of making the money you desire. Success in network marketing is not an accident.



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