Systems & Strategies to Supercharge Your Success To Create Your Dream Biz & Your Dream Team

Systems & Strategies are the Secrets to Supercharge Your Success & Your Team Members’ Success

I started in the Network Marketing industry over 20 years ago as most people do. I discovered a product that changed my life – and actually saved my life. I was driven by gratitude and passion for helping others achieve better health naturally.

I decided from the start that Network Marketing was going to be my new career, so I treated it like one. I bought every book, tape, training program, etc. from all the industry experts and studied them intensely to become an expert as quickly as possible.

I followed all the advice and implemented just about everything that was recommended, including presenting at hotel meetings, attending local networking events, promoting at trade shows, running expensive ads, making cold calls, doing direct mail and more.

While I achieved success with those methods, I realized that the way I was building my business was too time-consuming, too expensive and too slow. I also realized that not everyone on my team had the time, money or skills to implement those methods. I needed a way to accelerate the process, so I could work less and earn more and help my team do the same. I also wanted to be able to help a lot more people.

When You Implement a Team Method, System or Strategy it is Important to Consider How They Will Work Based on Your Team’s Finances, Skillsets & Time

I was always automating and systematizing everything in my personal and professional life before I discovered network marketing. I had also created many training programs and systems in the corporate world. So I decided to implement those systems and strategies in my network marketing business.

Implement Strategic Systems for Everything Possible so You Can Spend More Time on the Things You Cannot Systematize Like Building Relationships with Prospects & Team Members

Most industry experts told me that network marketing is a relationship business so you cannot use regular business systems and strategies to build a network marketing business – and you definitely cannot build a network marketing business online. While I respected their opinion and success, I have never believed in the philosophy that you should do it that way because it has always been done that way. In fact, I was always looking for better, faster, easier ways to do everything personally and professionally.

So I started implementing the strategies and started building my business online. I met the most amazing people from all over the world which allowed me to personally sponsor thousands of people and generate millions of dollars in life-changing product sales! Not to mention, qualifying for luxury trips around the world and other perks.

Needless to say, some of those experts went from telling me it couldn’t be done to asking me how I was doing it and offering to pay me to show them how! At the same time, I saw so many amazing people in the industry not achieving their goals and dreams despite their passion, enthusiasm and hard work and I wanted to help them.

It also became obvious in my own business that it was impossible to help everyone I was sponsoring. I realized I also needed a system to train, coach, mentor and support my team so that they could achieve their goals and dreams too.

When someone starts a new job they have never done before, they are provided with training and mentoring on how to do their job properly. They don’t just welcome them and leave them on their own to figure it out. When someone joins the Network Marketing industry, they also need training and mentoring on how to start and run a successful business. Most people joining the industry have never owned their own business. They have only been trained to work for someone else.

When you purchase a system, software or tool online, many companies provide an “onboarding” process that takes you through the most important steps you need to know to get started to make the best use of that product and have the best experience possible. When someone joins your company and team, they also need a type of “onboarding” system to take them through the most important steps they need to know to set up and build a successful business so they have the best experience possible.

If New Team Members are Confused, They Do Nothing 

If New Team Members are Not Confident, They Do Nothing

If New Team Members are Overwhelmed, They Do Nothing

If every new team member takes 30 days to learn everything they need to know before sponsoring new team members, their business and your team will grow very slowly. Many will get overwhelmed and discouraged and give up before they sponsor their first person. If they have to try to figure it all out on their own, it will take even longer!

Implement Training & Support Systems & Strategies to

Automate Everything Possible in Your Business so

You have Time for the Things that You Cannot Automate

A great training and support system should allow a brand new team member to sponsor new team members on their very first day and simply plug that new team member into the team training and support system. That way, every new team member is fully supported and no one falls through the cracks or gets left behind. It also allows the upline team leaders to build and support a large rapidly-growing team.

Benefits of an Automated Team Training/Coaching/Mentoring System:

  • Team Members Become System-Reliant, Not Sponsor-Reliant or Upline-Reliant

  • Everyone has the Same PROVEN Training/Systems/Strategies for Success

  • New Team Members can Start Sponsoring New Team Members Immediately

  • New Team Members are Not Relying on New Team Members to Train Them

  • New Team Members Can Start at Step 1 – Not Try to Jump in & Catch Up

  • Every Team Member is Supported Even if Sponsored by an Inactive Team Member

  • The team can Grow at Lightning Speed Eliminating the Need to be an Expert First

So I created those systems and launched Dream Biz Success Network, a branding, and marketing training, coaching and consulting service with a passion, mission, and vision to help Network Marketers “Turn Their Home Biz into Their Dream Biz!” I have provided a brief overview of a few team systems and strategies you can implement.

  • Team Branding Strategy – A team brand gives your team identity so you can promote your success team in the industry. It also allows you to set up team systems with your team branding, register domains, etc.

  • Team Rank Advancement Strategy – Analyze your compensation plan to determine the fastest easiest way for your team to hit each goal. Focus on small steps – not the top rank, which can be overwhelming. For example, if it takes 12 Gold team members to hit the top rank, focus on building 12 Golds members. Create planners and trackers to visualize, plan and track their goals all the way to the top.

  • Team Support Strategy – Set up a team Facebook group, Facebook testimonial group [FTC/FDA-compliant], team chat on FB Messenger/Slack/Etc., team resource center on Google Drive/Google Docs, team training/prospecting Zoom account and team email/text blast system.

  • Team Training – Set up automatic team welcome and onboarding training system including automated emails for 30 days with daily actions, tips, training, inspiration, and motivation. Set up weekly training events on Zoom and a training library to store all training event recordings.

  • Team Coaching – Leadership includes motivating, inspiring and empowering your team to go far beyond what they ever imagined possible to help them achieve their goals and dreams. So if you want to be a team leader, coaching your team is part of the process. It can be a simple process: 1) Help team members discover their goals and dreams; 2) Have them create a dream board to visualize them; 3) Provide a plan of action and planners/trackers to keep them focused; 4) Provide resources to overcome challenges and obstacles; and 5) Provide educational, inspirational and motivational information to keep them motivated, excited and taking action.

  • Team Marketing Systems & Strategies – Create or buy systems for Lead Generation, Marketing Funnel Systems, Marketing Contact Manager Systems, Marketing Scripts & Templates for Email/Text/FB Messenger/Calls

I hope this article has provided you with an overview of how to create systems and strategies for your business and your team. We all promote time freedom as one of the greatest benefits of this industry. However, most leaders know that time freedom can be elusive when you are building and supporting a large team. These systems and strategies will allow you to automate and systematize everything possible so you will have time for the things you cannot automate and systematize!

To learn more, please connect with me at Dream Biz Success Network: www.DreamBizSuccessNetwork.com [New Site Coming Soon!]


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