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JimBellaceraThe difference between a dream and a goal is a goal is what you have to do in order to achieve what you want. (your dreams) So how do you come up with a road map for success? Start by coming up with a list of things you would like to achieve. If this concept is new to you, get some tools to help get your creative juices flowing. You need to be able to see yourself and your life as it can be.

It’s hard to recognize those roads signs if you don’t know what to be watching for. But if you’ve got a map, a personalized plan for where you want to go, you’ll be looking in the right direction and you’ll be looking for the right signs and won’t be led off course.

Get those creative juices flowing by creating what is called a “dream board”. Write down some motivational sayings or phrases that will empower you. Go through some magazines and cut out some pictures that represent success, happiness, and fulfillment and put them on a poster board or maybe right on your bathroom mirror (assuming its one of the first things you see in the morning). NULL

Fill your poster with the things you not only expect to accomplish, but dream big – go for the big dreams, creating a collage effect with the pictures. If you’re not used to thinking outside the box, pick up a travel and/or car magazine. Unique Homes Magazine and The Robb Report are a great place to learn to dream big. After all, those cars and homes were built for someone. Why not you? Find opportunities to introduce yourself to the finer things in life. One of my favorite sayings is “The future’s so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades”. When putting this dream board together involve your family, the people who are important to you. During a time of desperation I used one entire wall in a spare bedroom turned office and created wall paper out of images I cut from magazines of people that I wanted to emulate. I recommend you have a dream board that is in your face every morning and also something you can bring with you when you go to work. (a smaller version like on 3 x 5 cards). You never want to miss a day of being reminded why you’re working so hard.

What the mind sees it believes and you must see for yourself where you want to be before you can get there. This is one very powerful way you can help motivate yourself to success.

Speak about the things you want to achieve as if they have already happened or are happening. I am sure you will run across those who will tell you that you need to be realistic. Perception is reality in this world, if you don’t have what you want then you have to perceive it as it will be. Paint the world the way you want it to be sharing your dream with those around you. Every successful person had to start somewhere. People will not follow someone who is not confidant about where they are going and what they want out of life. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill Don’t be afraid to dream big as long as you’re willing to work hard enough to make them come true.

The very first step to achieving what you desire is writing it down. Writing down your dreams makes them more realistic and personal.

Always include target dates with each dream you write down. Without a specific date associated with your dreams they will only be nice thoughts that may never be attained. Be specific with what it is you desire to accomplish. Personalize it, including details. Example: “In one year from today I will be driving a black SL 550 Mercedes”. Find pictures of your car, go to a dealership and even test drive your dream car. That will bring your dream to life. What are your hot buttons? If money was not an issue and the price of gas was not a concern, if someone else cleans your home, you could travel first class to any destination you desire in the world wearing clothes that made you feel and look good, how would you answer the following questions? In other words do not hold back, you need to treat these questions below as if you have an endless supply of cash to do all the things you truly desire. If you didn’t have a job or could retire today, what would you do with your time? How would you spend your day? If money were no object what car would you be driving? What do you dream about, what would you like to accomplish in your life? Who would you like spending time with? Who would you take with you on vacations? Where would you like to travel? Philanthropy is good for the soul. What organizations or causes are important to you? Who would you like to help financially? To help kick start your dreams we have created a poster of some of “the finer things in life” with a place to put yourself on it to help you visualizing a dream lifestyle for you and your family. Now that you have some dreams and goals in front of you it’s a start. Keep adding to the list. In order to help you accomplish more and overcome any obstacles we need to work on you. In life there is a saying “when your dreams and goals hold a greater priority than the obstacles that come your way, you will overcome the obstacles and achieve your dreams and goals.” In order for this to happen we need to identify the things that have held you back and focus on the things that will allow you to accomplish your goals.

See yourself as you can be, not as you are.

We all have untapped potential. Go after your dreams with a vengeance because they are yours if you claim them. There will always be people in your life that expect you to take care of them. There will always be people around you who will be jealous of your success. You may even be called materialistic and accused of thinking too much about money. Well, it’s usually the people that don’t have enough money that think about it all the time. Delayed Gratification: (Working towards your goals) You must be willing to make some initial sacrifices. People say you must have a balance in your life. All successful people have had to be out of balance in some areas (not all) in their life while pursuing their dreams. It is necessary to invest your time now so you can have more of what you want later. What are some of the things you can sacrifice until you reach your goal? I lived for snow skiing and mountain climbing so I gave that up until I hit certain goals I set for my business. This way you have something tangible to work towards while you become disciplined and stay focused on your goals. By making yourself work for what you want, it allows you to enjoy them that much more. And rewarding yourself when the time is right exercises discipline and self control. Set some short term goals you must reach…. Rewarding yourself for an accomplishment trains you to stay focused until you have achieved a particular goal. As important as writing down your goals is, becoming accountable to someone other than yourself is also very important. Sometimes just speaking out loud your goals to others causes you to become more committed to hitting them. But even better than speaking them out loud is to find an accountability partner, someone that you can report to weekly, in the beginning, someone you give permission to not accept your excuses for not keeping your commitments to yourself. Some people hire what is called a life coach. These coaches understand the need for accountability and often times can help redirect you at critical times or at minimum hold you accountable to the things you said you would do. So if you cannot afford a professional life coach then find someone you can trust. Find someone that will not let you down, and will be tough on you, a person in your life you can really count on. If you are in the same business or profession, find someone strong that you can run with and you can hold each other accountable. Write down the names of people you would like to interview as a running partner or a life
_________________________________ ____________________________________ _________________________________ ____________________________________ _________________________________ ____________________________________ Here are some examples of activity goals you can commit too: • I will invest _______ hours per week to work my business. • I will prospect _______ people daily. • I will sell _______ (weekly/monthly). • I will read 15 /30 minutes daily from books that will positively influence my life. • I will listen to 30 /60 minutes of positive and influential talks daily on CD. • I will be in constant communication with my accountability partner ______ times per (week/month). Dreams are the tangible results of achieving your goals. Writing down your goals will empower you to take action. Now that you have written out your commitments, sign it and give it to your accountability partner, keeping a copy for yourself, of course. Put it somewhere where you will see it daily. I hereby commit to the above goals and to the activities it requires to achieve them. I will stay in the personal growth mode daily while staying in contact with my accountability partner. I will be honest with myself and with my accountability partner. ___________________________ _________________ _____________________ Print your name Date Your Signature As ________________________’s accountability partner, I commit to holding him/her accountable to the goals they have set not allowing excuses. ___________________________ _________________ _____________________ Print your accountability partner Date Your Signature


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