Dreams ARE your life – only if you put action to them by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonIs NOW a good time to take action? Absolutely! It is the only time we have, right now. There is an old Kenny Rogers/Kim Carnes song, “Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer”. For a long time I believed that. I thought it was self destructive to fall in love with a dreamer who was always going to do something. They were always going to be something. They were always going to… And now so many years later I realize falling in love with a dreamer, is the best thing that can happen to you. Because if you fall in love with someone who has fallen in love with his/her dream than the world becomes one of adventure, exciting change, hope, and dreams coming true. CUT!

That is only true if that dreamer is not just dreaming but actually putting action to those dreams.

 NULL As a coach I am often going to networking groups. I am SO often surrounded by people that have all these great dreams, all these thoughts of becoming successful and having everything they want in life. Oh all of that is very good. Networking is very good. But the sad truth is most of them do not have an action plan in place. Most of them do not know what or how exactly they are going to take action to make their dreams come true. And if they know what and how, they still are not taking the actions to make it happen. Sadder still is I often meet thirty people at these networking meetings who have great dreams and how many of them follow up within the next 24 hours? Zero to one percent! Oh, my gosh! That is always the next action step to grow your business. To make and build relationships with the people you meet. If simple things like that aren’t followed through on then how can one possibly take the additional steps it takes to make their dreams happen? I wish I could spend every day just going from person to person and working with them on getting those action steps in place. There is so much success to be made and so much money to be given but nothing happens without the action. Why, I ask myself over and over, do people not take the action that will give them what they want? Why do they hear the great words of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Chet Holmes, Mark Victor Hansen and so many others and then do nothing about them? I needed to know so I started asking people why they aren’t taking the necessary actions. Though the answers were varied, it was amazing how the same theme tended to run through it. What I have found is that it is often wrapped around fear. But the answers never say that.

I know only because I am listening past what people say to me and hearing the real core answer.

People will tell me they don’t have enough time. I will hear them say they want more clients but they don’t want to have to market. They will say they don’t know what to do.

All I can ask is “Are Your Dreams Important to You”? I believe they are!

I know that dreams are your life because thoughts become things. Your thoughts, your dreams can only come true though when you take the action! Is NOW a good time to take action? Absolutely! It is the only time we have, right now. You have to move past the fear no matter what that fear looks like to you. I know people can do it. I see it everyday. It is a matter of getting serious, knowing what you want (be it a happy life or more business) and getting the help you need to take action. If you need to go back to school, then do it. If you need to get more structure, find the CD’s and books to help. If you need an accountability partner and someone that can strategize with you then get a coach. They are YOUR dreams. Wouldn’t you love the idea of being able to really believe in them again? Would you feel passionate about knowing you can have what you want in your life?

Isn’t it time to make the dream a reality?



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