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Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA)The DSWA brings together direct sales representatives who share a love of direct selling and a desire to grow, learn and support one another. The DSWA brings together direct sales representatives who share a love of direct selling and a desire to grow, learn and support one another. Want your business to grow faster and bigger than you ever thought possible? As a Member of the DSWA you will enjoy learning fresh ideas and the professions best practices. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would love to have you become a part of our worldwide community. 1. How can I access your Newsletter? As a Member you will automatically receive the Newsletter. As a Guest, simply complete a Newsletter Subscription Form: Subscribe Now 2. How can I join the DSWA? NULL To join as an Independent Member you can… Join Online: http://dswa.org/join_now_form.asp -OR- Print the application and fax it to: 888-453-5114 -OR- Print the application and mail it to: DSWA, 111 Hekili St., Suite A139, Kailua, HI 96734 3. How can I update my profile? If you have a new e-mail address or would like to update your contact information in our system please Click Here. 4. I forgot my password. How can I get it? Members who have forgotten their Username and Password can now request a reminder via e-mail. Simply click “Forgot Your Password?” below the login. Enter your email address and you will receive your information within seconds. 5. Why is this an Alliance for women? The DSWA recognizes that more than 87% of direct sellers world-wide, are women and feel that by focusing on this targeted group we can better meet the needs of today’s direct selling women. It is important to note that we welcome men to join the DSWA as well. We feel they too can benefit from this resource and better understand how to support the women within their organization. Approximately 25% of the DSWA’s current membership is comprised of men. 6. Do you share member’s records? The DSWA does not, nor will it EVER in the future, sell, share or divulge its membership roster with any individual or entity for any reason whatsoever. For more information on the DSWA Privacy Policy, click here. 7. What are the benefits of being a DSWA Member? To discover the numerous benefits you’ll enjoy as a member we invite you to visit the Member Benefits Page that details all that you’ll enjoy as a member. We receive messages daily from members who are enjoying greater results with their business as a result of what they learn through the DSWA. The most raved about member benefits are The Learning Center where members access fresh ideas for growing their business and the Live Tele-classes, held each week with Experts & Top Leaders. 8. Where can I learn more about the people behind the DSWA? You can learn about the Vision, Purpose, & Legacy of the DSWA by going to the Who We Are Page. 9. What are some of the ways I can become more involved in the DSWA? We offer many ways for direct sellers to connect, network and grow their business. 1. Interactive tele-classes each week. 2. The Leader’s Mastermind Group connects once a month and is comprised of Leader Members with 50 or more team members. 3. If you would like to arrange for a DSWA Founder or Faculty to be a speaker on a Conference Call or at your upcoming event, contact Customer Service. 4. Regional and National Events provide direct sellers with an opportunity to join together around their shared passion for direct selling. 5. Success Circles & Area Chapters are established throughout the US, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand. This is a safe and welcoming environment for you and your team can grow. Click here to see about starting a Success Circle or Area Chapter. Notice: The DSWA enforces a strict no-cross recruitment policy at all times. 10. Why was DSWA established? DSWA was established for the purpose of supporting direct sellers around the world who are achieving their dreams through party plan, network marketing or person to person sales. Our mission is to supplement and enhance the support that distributors already receive from their companies so they advance faster and achieve higher levels of success. 11. Does DSWA have live training events? DSWA offers live trainings and local meetings throughout the United States, Australia and Canada. Go to the Calendar of Events for a list of upcoming events. If you would like to arrange for a DSWA Founder or Faculty Team Member to speak at your upcoming event, contact [email protected] 12. How do I call in and participate? As a Member you will receive a weekly announcement for the upcoming call and at anytime may access the Member Calendar. As a Guest we will send you an email from time to time when we have “Open” calls that you will be invited to participate on. You must be a subscribed Guest to receive those special announcements. 13. Can I Invite My Downline to the Teleclass? Thank you for your desire to share these valuable tele-classes with your team. You are clearly a leader who wants to support your distributors as they grow their business. However, because tele-classes are one of the primary benefits of membership, we must ask that you encourage your team to join so they too can access all of the wisdom offered. For creative ways to share the DSWA with others, visit our Refer A Friend page. 14. Do I need special equipment for the archives? Yes, in order to listen to the previously recorded calls you will need a program that allows you to listen to MP3 files. We recommend iTunes because it is free, easy to download and is 100% safe! Click here to download the iTunes to your computer. 15. How can I start a Success Circle in my area? DSWA Success Circles are popping up all over the US, Australia and Canada. If you don’t see one listed in your city, why not consider establishing a Success Circle in your area? (Find a Success Circle or Chapter) These local DSWA groups provide a comfortable, supportive and safe environment in which sharing and learning takes place. We encourage members to look first to their fellow Direct Sellers for the goods and services they use, buy and need every day. We do this with our popular Buy-It-Direct (BID) Program. Visit Circle/Chapter Page to learn more about how to start a Success Circle/Chapter in your city. 16. When is the next DSWA National Convention? Our Annual Education Celebration will take place in Dallas, TX next April. We encourage you to mark your calendars now and plan to attend. You can find more information on the website with additional details. If you have questions about Celebration, please email [email protected] 17. How can I share DSWA with my team? We offer specific guidance on how to share the DSWA with your team on our Refer-A-Friend Page. There you will even find a suggested e-mail that you can block and copy into and e-mail you send to all your direct selling friends. Perhaps the best way to share the DSWA is to send a link to the Member Benefits page along with an where they will discover all the ways they can benefit from being a part of the DSWA. You can also forward the monthly Global Connections E-zine or Mid-Month E-blast to a friend. Send an article or Success Tip from the Learning Library. 18. How can I support the growth of DSWA and spread the word? Here are just a few ways you can help make the DSWA strong! * Share the DSWA with other direct sellers. (See #13!) * Attend local events or start an Area Chapter. * Join or renew as a Lifetime Member. * Submit a testimonial. 19. What does the DSWA offer internationally based direct sellers? The first Area Chapter was established in Vancouver (Langley)
B.C. and is one of the DSWA’s fastest growing Chapters, with additional Chapters about to be formed. In addition, as a Canadian Members you can enjoy live training calls weekly and have the opportunity to hear previously recorded calls that are archived in the Members Only Area of the web site. Calls can be played right from your own computer. Members have access to helpful articles, tips, coaching principles, professional image content and so much more. Leaders love this because they can find training topics for team meetings, newsletter content, and occasionally copy and paste an article into an email for a long-distance team member to keep them motivated and connected. 20. Why have you chosen to operate as a for-profit entity? The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance operates as a for-profit entity for the following reasons. Operating as a for-profit entity enables us to engage top industry talent who can be fairly compensated for their valuable contribution of time and information, thereby enhancing the level of service we can offer members. As a for-profit entity we have the capital needed to deliver state-of-the-art services that may not otherwise be in the budget. In addition, many new and existing associations are moving toward a for-profit structure so that the long-term vision can remain its primary objective. With the founders at the helm, the Alliance avoids the common problems its non-profit counterparts are facing as a result of an ever-changing Board of Directors which can also change the culture and direction of the organization. Finally, the association founders are wholeheartedly committed to the vision of DSWA, and have demonstrated their dedication by personally investing in the Alliance start-up and giving their full-time effort for more than 18 months prior to launch. 21. Can the DSWA join a network marketing program and offer their legal, health, telecommunication services to their members and receive a residual on the resulting sales? While the DSWA could probably make a great deal of money by signing up as an associate and offering such services to their members, it is considered a conflict of interest and in violation of the DSWA’s Code of Ethics. Neither the DSWA Corporation, nor the Founders are able to have a distributorship with any direct selling company. The DSWA is committed to remaining a neutral, “bi-partisan” organization with no ties or obligation to any direct selling entity. This policy enables us to represent the industry fairly and equitably, without conflict of interest or show of favoritism. In short, the high road is not always the path paved with gold, but it enables the DSWA Founders to sleep peacefully knowing they are building an organization with integrity and fairness to all participants in this great industry. 22. I want to send something to the DSWA. Where would I send it? The DSWA mailing address is: DSWA, 111 Hekili St., Suite A-139, Kailua, HI 96734. Still have more questions? Email us!


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