Duplication and Leadership

Duplication – Duplication can be both good and bad. You don’t want to duplicate bad, sloppy, or unproven habits. This is why we have created the 27%er Success System. These are duplicatable business skills and business building habits by experts. These experts have taught the proven wisdom of the ages in the network marketing industry to the most successful people in network marketing. THESE teachings are what need to be duplicated deep down into your organization!


Teach a truly clear and specific system 

Create success for your team and your business by using the same verified action plan for success that you and your team follow. It is one of the cornerstones of success in the network marketing business.


Create a system for: 

Signing people up onto your team, along with effectively bringing on new customers.

Obtaining Sales & the process to listen and answer the questions new customers have.

Generating leads for people who have a need for tour products and services and also people who are looking for an opportunity, or both!

Presenting – Become proficient at knowing your product and the benefits that they offer. Ask great questions and LISTEN, the most important part of your presentation.

Celebrate what you want to be duplicated.   When your team is honing their skills and implementing the system acknowledge them.



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 Building Leaders takes time and attention.  Build a blueprint for success.

Where are you on the Leadership spectrum? Leadership is developed over a lifetime. The best leaders are always learning how to be a better leader and teaching others to do the same.

Help your people to create their story.

Be a raving fan of your products.

Lead by example. Model the results and actions you want your team to be taking. 

Leaders do the work you ask of your team, bringing in new members and customers, showing up at trainings, and doing weekly zoom meetings will motivate and teach your downline.

Find the right people to work with. Remember leaders’ sort, amateurs convince.

Acknowledge success – Few things will be more motivating than helping a team member advance in rank and acknowledge a job well done.

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George Madiou

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