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MikeUnclebachHere’s what I believe to be a great good small decision (#goodsmalldecisions). When it comes to duplication everybody has their video, email, or text they like to send out to try to get the process of duplication started. But it seems to me that nobody works on the inevitable 30 second to 1 minute conversation that has to happen when one human talks to another about their opportunity or product. This conversation is commonly known as your elevator speech, the one piece of your presentation that you need to have down cold and deliver hot and with passion. So you can move someone to actually watch your video, listen to a call, or attend an event.

So here is my secret weapon to absolutely be able to nail that elevator speech. Everybody has it, it’s in your bathroom, and it’s called a mirror. Trust me the mirror can change your world if you let it. So here we go, try standing in front of your bathroom mirror and practicing what you’re going to say when somebody asks you what you’re doing now, or how your product works.

I believe with all my heart that network marketing is a personal development course with a pay plan attached. But it seems many people don’t want to work on real personal development skills anymore. WE just want to send emails and texts, or even a phone message to a total stranger.

At some point a human is going to have to talk to another human if we’re going to begin to establish a relationship and make no mistake about it, network marketing is a relationship business. Call me old fashioned, but you’re going to need a human to enter in their credit card number to buy your products or join your business.

Network marketing without relationships? What’s the point? I love my team and the people on it. I love being able to travel almost anywhere and be with people I have a common interest with (real friends). These friendships come through relationships, which at some point started with a conversation that I practiced in front of a mirror. Which I have taught others on my team, who are now teaching others that I’ve yet to even meet.

Seems to me it would make sense to duplicate the process that actually starts the process.

I know it’s uncomfortable to get in front of a mirror and talk to yourself but it’s worth it. Then do it with your team, and teach them to do the same. If you can’t present to yourself, and share your opportunity or product with yourself, how could you expect to teach your team? So get comfortable being uncomfortable; stand in front of your bathroom mirror and practice your elevator speech, then show someone else what you learned. It will you change you for the better, and that my friend is one of my #goodsmalldecisions.

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