Duplication; does it exist, what does it mean and how can it help you? by RS Mallory

RSMalloryThose leaders who learn to dance this well orchestrated ballet of “loose duplication” always seem to be in demand.  Successful Network Marketers know that in order for them to get what they want, they must help others achieve their goals and dreams. Oddly enough that sounds easy, but most folks in the industry do not understand that in order to help others, we must dance a well orchestrated ballet to assist them in learning a set of skills necessary for success. Some call this “loose duplication”.

Duplication SHOULD BE a guideline by which we teach basic skills according to the new distributors needs and learning skills.

We cannot, and should not seek to duplicate ourselves. Most people will NOT be able to function at the high levels that Leaders took years to accomplish. We might seek to find out what skills and talents the new person brings with them so that we might use them to tap into the inherent “loose duplication” to provide the necessary skills and training we must impart. NULL

Whether our new distributor is a seasoned networker, or a person who might bring presentation or natural networking skills from outside the industry (like a teacher or office administrator), they will learn and work best if we can place a value to their talents and incorporate them into the knowledge and skill set that we must impart to them. First we must focus on them and find out exactly what their goals are, what their learning curve is and how they best absorb and learn. ~~Some people are audio & learn from listening to tapes & CDs ~~Some kinetic and need to be experiential, like practicing a presentation, over and over ~~Some learn best by reading and taking notes ~~ Some learn by a combination of learning techniques Second we must have a simple system that will allow everyone to learn at their own pace (like a training site) with the steps easily demonstrated along with any documents and references they might need. The approach is really “paint by numbers” and no matter what the experience level of the new distributor joining a new team, it is essential that these steps be laid out for everyone to follow. The essential factor in employing “loose duplication” is to remember that although you want everyone to follow the constructs of your “system”, you must remember that each person in an Individual with their own set of talents and learning abilities. Gifted and successful Networkers all realize that in order to best help their team, they should identify, tap into, use and honor the talents and skills that the team member brings with them. Those leaders who learn to dance this well orchestrated ballet of “loose duplication” always seem to be in demand.

Their secret, of course, is that they are known as caring, Compassionate Marketers who take the time to learn about and develop insight with their new distributors and have developed the ability to tap into the talents that the new distributor brings with them!

RS Mallory


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