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David NelsonBe yourself! Be proactive! Have fun! Make money!  “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts.” J. Paul Getty J. Paul Getty’s quote relates directly to the concept of duplication. This is talking about leverage. You must get time and work leverage in your network marketing business.

A key to this leverage and critical to financial success in network marketing is duplication.

It’s closely linked to the concept of geometric progression. Duplication creates the leverage that allows you to maximize the use of your time, money, and energy. Leverage is “positional advantage.” You create this positional advantage when you develop a network of distributors who duplicate your efforts of prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring, and training. NULL

The only way to ensure that other distributors – especially part-time networkers – can help you in building your organization is to make certain that they are making money.

This is especially important in these times of financial crisis. The discretionary income of most people has been dramatically reduced. In joining a network marketing opportunity, they must be able to develop a residual positive cash flow in 60 to 90 days. What It Means to Duplicate Technically, “duplicate” means to make an exact or identical copy of or to reproduce. In order to create a significant distributor organization,your distributors must duplicate business-building activity. It’s essential that you establish a simple, productive pattern for others to follow. If others cannot copy what they see you do, they cannot teach it to their prospects and distributors, and duplication does not occur. When duplication is not taking place, the principle of geometric progression does not become reality.

Keep what you do simple enough that average people without special skills, as well as, those that are new to network marketing can duplicate it.

Some Keys to Successful Duplication Simplicity — The first key to duplication is simplicity. The easier to understand and do, the easier it is to duplicate. It cannot be said any more simply! Teach Others — The second key is that you must take time to teach others. There is virtually no limit to the number of times you can duplicate yourself if you teach others. Do and teach what you want your downline distributors to do. Set a good example and lead the way! If you expect them to teach, you must teach them. If you don’t teach, you cannot expect most of your distributors to be teaching. “Reinventing the Wheel” — Don’t feel that you must “reinvent the wheel.” Your sponsor should have a pattern or system he/she is using. If you are not yet part of a distributor organization or you are looking for a new one, take the time to discover a group that has a proven system. Learn what it is. Take some time to learn how to present the opportunity in a systematic way. Learn how to use the tools of the established system to present the opportunity. Too many people feel that they must create their “own” tools and materials in order to get started. In many cases, it’s really just an excuse to avoid the important activity of contacting and visiting with people. Some folks are always “getting ready” to get ready. Then once they are finally “ready” to contact prospects, they find another new program so that they can once again “reinvent the wheel” and get their materials together.

You must have simple and effective tools! Find people to share them with. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Consistent Activity — Consistent activity must certainly be duplicated. Network marketing is a business of doing similar activities over and over again. You must be contacting, presenting, sharing prospecting information, following-up, and training day after day, and week after week. What is terrific about these activities is that they are enjoyable. It is great to meet and work with new people who become your business associates and partners. Duplicate your actions for your own success! Even though the activities are repetitious, make your work enjoyable by focusing on the people. It’s more fun, and it gets you greater success. Duplication is building the business a day at a time. It is like building a wall a brick at a time. You must be consistent in your activities. As your downline sees your consistent effort, they too are motivated to act. If they observe no activity from you, that is usually what they duplicate. Sponsoring — The most important activity to duplicate is sponsoring. You must sponsor people into the business. New people are the lifeblood of your distributor network. But, you must help these people sponsor people and teach their new distributors to sponsor.

Through this duplication of sponsoring activity and involved in a fair, well-designed compensation plan, your first-level distributors can produce a residual positive cash flow within three to six months.

If they don’t, they go away. In creating business builders from your own first level, you develop the necessary cash flow to fund your network marketing activities. You need to continually sponsor distributors on your first level. Teach others to do the same. As you sponsor and teach to sponsor, you get a balance between depth and width. Story Telling — Become an expert at story telling. Story telling is duplicatable. Tell lots of stories. Use an effective presentation as a track to run on. A simple and powerful presentation teaches people correct principles and ideas that they must understand in order to recognize the power of your opportunity. Use your personal experiences to illustrate and clarify the presentation ideas. You are now in the process of creating your story. Until you have that great story, tell the story of your upline or other successes in your program. Stories sell and stories help people to understand and remember. Positive Mental Attitude — Duplicate an attitude of triumph. Duplicate an atmosphere of positive thinking. Be a leader and teach leadership downline. Display an attitude of love, support, joy, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Yes, be a leader. Convey an attitude of, “We are a special group of networkers! Our group is unique with an outstanding financial opportunity! We are in a special time and circumstance!” Always be positive with people. It supports them. They duplicate your attitude. Duplication Is a Cornerstone to Your Success in Network Marketing “That Little Boy Who Follows Me” — A man named Heileson tells this story: “In my office, I have a plaque that shows a father and son walking down a road. I don’t know who wrote the poem that accompanies the picture, but it says what I feel.” A careful man I want to be, A little fellow follows me. I do not dare to go astray For fear he’ll go the self-same way. I cannot once escape his eyes; What he sees me do, he tries. Like me he says he’s going to be, That little boy who follows me. He thinks that I am big and fine; He believes in every word of mine. The base in me he must not see, That little boy who follows me. I must remember as I go, Through summer sun and winter snow, I’m building for the years to be, That little boy who follows me. “Over the years, a lot of people who have come into my office have commented on that poem. I really would like to be the type of father who would be a good example to my children.” As It Relates to Network Marketing — This is a great poem on the subject of duplication. It applies to us as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, leaders, and especially network marketing distributors. We are all duplicated by those that look to us for direction. Often, and u
nfortunately so, an improper example is set by a father, mother, brother, etc. Unfortunately, that incorrect or improper activity is often duplicated by the follower. The same thing can and does happen in network marketing. You are most likely aware that duplication is a fundamental principle of the theory of network marketing. Duplication may be the most important principle. The geometric growth of your network is determined by your ability to duplicate yourself in correct basics of building the business. That is why it is essential to receive training and work on learning and enhancing your knowledge and skills required to build your business.


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