Duplication is About the Basics by George Madiou

George-MadiouWhen we talk about duplication, we can both duplicate good AND bad processes in business building. There are many duplicatable systems out there in network marketing. We like to think that duplication equals success. Unfortunately a great majority of what is duplicated today is failure. Many people don’t understand the track to run on for success and if they aren’t guided quickly, after starting, they fall into an unsuccessful track that they in turn duplicate. Many new distributors get all excited about an opportunity as a result of the success of others. They start dreaming about a better future for themselves and their family. They make the jump in their head to having a successful business while at the same time they don’t understand the steps necessary to build that business and in turn, teach others to do the same. The majority quickly does nothing and that then gets duplicated right away.  NULL

How do we avoid negative duplication?

My friend Paula Pritchard teaches that “success is in the show.” What does that mean? Unless you are telling others about your products and services and also your opportunity, your business will never grow. So you must be in front of people. Some of the duplicatable systems require that you get in front of people by:

  • making a list of 100 of your closest friends and relatives
  • buy lists of names and call 50 or 100 a day
  • get on the internet and prospect online

These three suggestions take entirely different personalities to be comfortable with. What if your company only recommends one of these methods? You don’t want to eliminate the other two thirds of your people, do you?

Questioning and skilled listening will allow you to determine the personality type of the person you are working with.

One of the most important duplication techniques you can employ is the art of questioning and listening. Once you understand the personality of the person you are working with (through questioning and listening), you will identify the personality type and you will know the method that your trainee will be comfortable in using to contact their people to show the products and opportunity. It’s not important what your method is that you are comfortable with; the success comes with finding their comfort level. The real secret is then teaching those to teach their people.

Finding the WHY is also an essential duplicatable activity.

Through skillful questioning and listening you will be able to determine WHY a person is getting into the business. This is important because it is the ultimate motivator when things start to get rough. It will also drive them to keep going and do those essential things that will lead them to success such as show the plan often. If you can identify your own WHY and then determine their WHY and then teach them to find their people’s WHY, this one duplicatable activity will lead to much success. Remember, Find the WHY, identify the personality type and show the plan! Duplicate that through your organization! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com [email protected]


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