Duplication: The Key to Residual Income by Jillian Middleton

Jillian MiddletonDuplication is the key to a thriving business. Duplication creates a business that builds right down your team lines. It’s critical and not nearly as difficult as it seems. You’ve undoubtedly heard at some point that duplication is a critical piece in the network marketing success equation.

The most difficult part of creating duplication on your team is getting clear about what you are trying to duplicate.

Often, we try really hard to get people to be just like us. We want them to work the hours we think they should work. We want them to sound and look like us. But the fascinating thing about people is although we share lots of things in common, we are all really different. Further, entrepreneurs are known for being strong individuals, mavericks who have their own strong ideas about how things ought to be done. Getting them to be like you is probably going to be difficult at best. NULL

That’s OK, you don’t want to clone yourself. Quite the contrary. You’re looking for independent business owners, not dependent or robotic clones. Your job as sponsor is to foster leaders on your team, not followers. All that said, yes, duplication is necessary if you’re going to get real and sustainable growth on your team   That really could be the end of this article. Use the same systems. Because outside of the step-by-step process of HOW you build your business, there may be little you have in common with the person you’re training. Again, you do not want them to be your clone. You want them to implement your systems so everyone is on the same page and everyone’s business thrives. Of course the trick is getting people to use your systems.    How do you do it? Let’s start with a good working definition of what duplication or replication means.

Replication in science experiments is about getting the same results. But teams that do the experiments don’t necessarily look alike.

One team could be much friendlier with each other and another more formal. Some could work more hours each day than the other team, or start earlier or later. But what each of these scientific teams do when they are working is use the same scientific process.   Necessary Ingredients to Duplicate Your Systems (Your Scientific Process)   Your new recruit should:    (1)  Know Who They are Going to Speak With  –  in other words who are they going to pick up the phone and talk to.   (2)  Have Clarity of Task – It’s your job to make sure – sure – they understand exactly what they are to do. For example, if they are about to call people, you want to role play with them to make sure they’ve had a good dry run of what they are going to say. It is NOT enough for them to tell you about it. Role Play.   (3)  Know When the Task is to be Performed – All your recruits need to work from a calendar and know when they are going to do the task or event, i.e.,  a bona fide allotted time in their calendar. During the baby’s nap or after lunch or Monday afternoon is not a time on my clock. I’m sure it’s not a time on yours either. And all too often it’s not a time on theirs and the task doesn’t get completed.   (4)  Everyone Clearly Understand What’s Next – Be absolutely sure that the person they are talking to knows exactly what they are to do and when they are to do it. Exactly. When someone doesn’t know what to do, what do they usually do? Right. Nothing.    (5)  Have an Appointment to Check in With You – After the call or event happens you want an appointment with your recruit to call YOU (KEY POINT: you don’t call them, they call you). That call is a firm appointment, i.e., at an agreed upon appointed time to go over how the particular task went.    These steps make sure your new recruit knows what to do, when they are to do it and then gives you a firm follow up to stay in the loop so you don’t have to guess what’s going on. That’s duplication.     Your Systems

Your ‘getting started’ booklet or training manual or website or whatever you use may be the foundation of your system. But duplication happens when we make sure it’s being followed.

Your ‘getting started’ email or booklet or on line program is not enough to get them out the gate and establish the duplication you’re looking for. It is only your first step. Regardless of how complete your ‘getting started’  system is – and it should include everything from making a list, practicing scripts and making their first calls, etc, people seldom implement it on their own and even less seldom do it right without your input. Follow through takes hands on training from you, their sponsor. Not babysitting, but training. The best way to do that is make sure you implement the points above.    Duplication is the key to a thriving business. Duplication creates a business that builds right down your team lines. It’s critical and not nearly as difficult as it seems. If you like these ideas we invite you to visit SavvySponsoring.com and get our free e-book Savvy 5 Steps to Work Less and Make More Money in MLM. They literally show your team, step-by-step, what to do each time, easily and successfully. Use them and you’ll be on your way to thriving team that duplicates the right steps, every time. Jillian Middleton http://www.savvysponsoring.com/


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