Earning Loyalty! How To Get It. How To Keep It. By Max Steingart “The Father of Social Networking”

In an industry with countless options and shiny prospecting lures around every corner, loyalty is the glue that holds organizations together through inevitable storms.

The truth is that loyalty is hard-earned but easily expendable if not carefully nurtured. As the old saying goes, “Loyalty must be republished and refreshed once in a while, or else it will certainly run out of date.” You cannot simply demand loyalty from your teammates as some sort of obligatory tax. Loyalty is a reciprocal, “What have you done for me lately?” proposition.

So, if lasting loyalty from your team is the goal, where does the cultivation process begin? It starts with being outrageously loyal to your people first. That means going above and beyond in ways that create scar tissue and an unbreakable bond.

When a new distributor hits a rough patch and their conviction wavers, be the first one there with an emergency upline call or an in-person visit to rekindle their intensity. When someone is going through a personal hardship that’s impacting their business, do something tangible and sacrificial to help them through it – whether that’s caring for their kids, contributing financially, or whatever is required.

Those “wow” moments of being shockingly loyal to your people when they need it most will be remembered for a lifetime. You’re making “loyalty deposits” that can be drawn upon later. There’s no faking it or taking shortcuts – they’ll be able to sense if you’re going through the motions or truly trying to have their back.

Beyond those breakthrough moments, there are the little things that constitute being a world-class leader deserving of profound loyalty: responding promptly to questions; freely giving coaching, resources, and your best success tactics without holding back; celebrating their wins vocally and recognizing their achievements on a big stage; caring about them as whole human beings with rich lives outside of just their business.

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