Tom “Big AL” Schreiter’s 3 classic books

 Ice Breakers – How to get any prospect to beg you for a presentation
You can turn any warm or cold prospect into a hot prospect, wanting to know all about your business.
By learning how to effectively introduce your business into a social conversation with an easy, rejection-free sequence of just a few words.
Prospects want what you have to offer, but they are afraid of someone selling them. However, prospects love to buy and join. So why not use socially acceptable word sequences that compel any prospect to literally beg you for a presentation?

 First Sentences For Network Marketing – How to quickly get prospects on your side
Prospects make shallow, instant judgments.
We want prospects to judge in our favor. Is our first sentence good enough?
Our first sentence choices will interest and engage our prospects … or turn off their confidence in us. Do our new distributors have proven first sentences that work? Do we? Are we creating new first sentences with trained formulas?
What happens when our distributors don’t have effective an first sentence? They stop talking to prospects. Game over.

The Two Minute Story For Network Marketing – Create the big picture story that sticks
Prospects enjoy a short story. Telling stories reduces our stress since stories are easy to remember. Plus, this story is 100% about our prospects. That means we become instantly interesting to our prospects and they will listen to every word we say. Now our prospects can see and feel what our business means to them.
Enjoy connecting with prospects with no rejection and no objections. Prospects will love how we simplify their decision to join and make it stress-free. This is so much fun that now, our entire team can’t wait to talk to prospects.
And for us? We will love helping prospects see what we see, so they will ask to join our business.

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