Eliminating Negativity by Steve Taubman

If you’re intellectually honest, you’ll have no trouble admitting that you’re often limited by negativity.

Maybe you’re pretty successful, and you’ve vanquished a lot of your habitual negative thoughts, but even if you’re that far along the path, you’re almost sure to have a substantial amount of negativity in your head and in your life.

Negativity takes many forms. It may appear as fear, frustration, habitual anger, self doubt, anxiety, discouragement, depression, or a variety of other emotions. It likely affects your ability to communicate clearly, to motivate yourself, to maintain perspective, to sell effectively, and to rise above unexpected occurrences.

For those of us who rely on our people skills, certainly the case for those of us in direct sales or any home based business, our state of mind is directly proportional to our results. So being able to beat negativity has a profound effect on our earnings.

When you cultivate the qualities of a positive mind; optimism, clarity, enthusiasm, etc. you’re in a much better position to influence and lead others.

For that reason, many people in home based businesses monitor their emotional state.

Even if you’re aware of it, however, you may not know how to eliminate negativity when it’s present. So, here is a primer on the art of eliminating negativity; erasing fear, anxiety, anguish, frustration, and the like.

1. Notice that you’re experiencing negativity. This is sometimes the hardest part. We’re often so caught in the drama that provoked our feelings that we’re not noticing the feelings themselves.

2. Name the brand of negativity you’re experiencing. Is it fear, judgment, impatience, etc.

3. Stop thinking about the thing that caused it and turn your attention to the feeling itself.

4. Don’t try to make it go away. You can’t use your mind to cure your mind. You’ll only create more of the same. You’ll get angry that you’re angry or anxious that you’re anxious. No way out!

5. Scan your body with your mind. Notice the sensations that comprise the negativity. Eventually, this practice will lead to a softening of the feeling; its intensity will diminish.

6. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

7. Replace the negative thought with a clear vision of the outcome or intention you seek. Even if there’s still a residue of uncomfortable feelings in your body, focus on the new vision.

By following this simple, seven-step formula, you’ll eliminate most negativity when it arises and put yourself back on track to function at a higher level of effectiveness.

 Eliminating Negativity by Steve Taubman



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