Emotions in Network Marketing From the Prospect or Customer’s Perspective by Sandy Morris

Emotion could easily be an acronym for “Energizing Motion” because without emotion there is very little motion or action.

Without emotion, a Presentation is just a dull barrage of details that is likely to fall on deaf ears and have little response.

Your challenge is to stir the emotions in your prospect because all buying decisions are made as the result of an emotional response.

The adage of, “Facts tell, but stories sell”, is true because stories evoke emotion.

You can spend 20 minutes explaining all the factual features of a product including all the amazing ingredients they’ve never heard of or you can simply say, “Imagine how you will feel (emotion) when all of your friend’s comment on how much younger you look!” They will say, “Get me a bottle of that.” Why? Is it because they are impressed with all the features and the amazing ingredients? No. They were stirred by the emotion of how they would feel hearing compliments of how much younger they looked.

Instead of all the details on the types of protein and how pure the ingredients are and how few calories there are per serving, you simply say, Imagine the joy and how thrilled you will be when you look at the scale and realize you have lost ten pounds!”

Now don’t get me wrong, the features are important to certain people, and you can give quick bullet points on the features, but what will clinch the sale will be you talking about the BENEFITS to them in a manner that will evoke emotion.

If you are marketing food supplements, you can mention all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are in the product but what will cause the desire for them to purchase the product will be you evoking their emotion of how energized and good they will feel. Now they will have more ENERGY to play with their children or grandchildren. (You really sold them the energy to SPEND QUALITY TIME with their children and grandchildren).

If you are selling beauty products, you can mention they are toxin-free but evoke their emotion of how they will love the way their skin looks and feels with a CONFIDENCE that they look their best… and friends and family will notice the difference. (You really sold the emotion of feeling beautiful and confident).

If you are promoting your business opportunity you can mention the commissions and bonuses, but translate that into the feeling of being able to stay at home with the children and not need to get that job at the mall. (You really sold them the emotion of how they would feel having the FREEDOM to stay home with the children).

If you are promoting the business opportunity to a highly motivated potential business builder, you can point out how many people are earning full time earnings but talk about how they can reach a point where they can leave their job and perhaps even retire their spouse. (You sold them the feeling of being in charge of their life and living the life of their dreams.)

You want to sell them the destination and not the airplane. If you are promoting a trip to Hawaii or Tahiti you don’t spend time describing whether it is a Boeing 777 or a 767, you talk about the cool ocean breeze, and the surreal blue warm ocean waters and being drenched in the sun’s rays and coming home with a healthy glow that will make their friends jealous.

Talk about the great feeling they will have helping their friends and family, seeing lives changed because they shared these fabulous products and business with them. Don’t talk about how rich they can become; you can mention the money, but then help them to see what their lives can look like by joining your team.

People think in pictures and when you can ask a question that causes them to create a picture in their mind it will evoke positive, happy, emotions.

Here are some helpful phrases for active participation that stir emotional “Yes” responses during your conversation.

1. Can you get excited about…?

2. Do you see the value of…?

3. Do you see the benefit of…?

4. Can you see the merit in…?

5. Wouldn’t it be terrific if…?

6. Aren’t you glad that…?

7. Aren’t you looking forward to…?

8. Doesn’t it make sense to…?

9. Don’t you agree…?

10. Isn’t it going to be fun when…?

11. Isn’t it about time that…?

12. Doesn’t it give you confidence to know…?

13. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to find…?

14. Can you see the advantage of…?

15. Don’t you feel that…?

16. Wouldn’t it be great to save money by…?

17. Aren’t you really excited that…?

18. Won’t it be gratifying when …?

19. Isn’t it good to know…?

20. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to …?

21. Haven’t you enjoyed…?

22. Haven’t you benefited by…?

23. Wouldn’t you be happy to find…?

24. Aren’t you happy to know…?

25. Aren’t you anxious to know…?

26. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to know…?

For business oriented conversations

27. Isn’t it worth considering that…?

28. Wouldn’t you prefer…?

29. Don’t you feel that it is best if…?

30. Don’t you feel knowing that…?

31. Can’t you see how this would…?

32. Wouldn’t it be significant if…?

33. Wouldn’t you like to strive for…?

34. Wouldn’t a higher quality life be worth…?

35. Wouldn’t it be tremendous if…?

36. Wouldn’t you agree…?

37. Isn’t it worth…?

38. Wouldn’t you benefit by…?

39. Can you gain from…?

40. What do you think about…?

41. Isn’t that exciting…?

42. Wouldn’t you feel better if…?

43. If the results were…?

44. Wouldn’t it change your mind if…?

45. Wouldn’t you reach the top quicker by…?

46. Wouldn’t it help your career if…?

47. Do you feel power in…?

48. Don’t you know that…?

49. Aren’t you delighted that…?

50. Doesn’t it thrill you to know…?

51. Wouldn’t you be pleased if…?

52. Wouldn’t you take pride in…?

53. Wouldn’t it be motivating to…?

54. Wouldn’t you love to grow by…?

55. Isn’t it inspiring to know…?

56. Wouldn’t it make a difference if…?

57. Wouldn’t your success be guaranteed if…?

58. Wouldn’t you enjoy knowing…?

59. Do you realize the importance of…?

60. Wouldn’t you family enjoy…?

61. Can you see the potential of…?

62. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know…?

63. Wouldn’t it be an exciting challenge if…?

64. Isn’t it going to be incredible when…?

65. Could you reach more of your potential by…?

Simply stir their emotions and watch your business explode!

 Emotions in Network Marketing from the prospect or customer’s perspective by Sandy Morris



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