Emotions in Network Marketing from the selling perspective by Paul Morris

Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without ENTHUSIASM.”

Enthusiasm is an expression of emotion. All the facts and figures in the world do not stir the soul, it is only the enthusiasm of the presenter that brings the presentation to life and emotionally involves the prospect or potential customer in a manner that causes them to desire to be involved in your venture.

You may master the art of drawing perfectly round circles and memorize volumes of information that you can regurgitate on your prospect with perfect accuracy with minute detail, but if you fail to deliver your presentation with passion and emotion, it is likely your prospect will not join you in your endeavor. The detailed and accurate presentation may sound professional and logical but when it comes to close the sale, the prospect couple says they need to think it over and as soon as you leave one looks at the other and says, “What do you think?” and their spouse or partner says, “Well it sort of makes sense, but it just didn’t float my boat or stir my interest.” The other partner, says, “Yeah it didn’t turn me on either, let’s pass on this one.”

A month later another sales person makes an appointment with the same opportunity seeker couple and shows up twenty minutes late and comes rushing into their home all out of breath and says, “Hey I’m sorry I am late but my last meeting ran over time and everyone there enrolled and took all of my material and product, so I don’t have any sample products to show you and I left my flip chart there as well so I can’t really explain the business, but it is a lot of fun and some people are making a ton of money and the products are changing people’s lives… he catches his breath and blurts out that you get five and each of them get five and before you know it you can quit your job and be free, and then announces

he is late for his next meeting and rushes out the door in a whirlwind. The couple looks at each other and one says, “Wow, what do you think?”, the other says, I didn’t understand a thing he said, but it sounds like fun, let’s sign up and get involved.” The other agrees and says, “I feel the same way, let’s call him in the morning and get enrolled!”.

What made the difference? One presentation was executed with precision and professionalism and the other presentation was a disaster. Yet the precise presentation failed to attract the prospect couple and the disaster of a presentation inspired the prospect couple to get involved. So why did one presentation fail and the other succeed?

The presentation where the presenter exuded excitement and emotion was the effective one that worked.

Now, this is certainly an over simplification of this example but you get the idea.

Begin to infuse your presentations with emotion and watch your enrollment rate increase dramatically. Smile, be excited, be passionate, be enthusiastic. (Don’t overdo it, be authentic.) It has been said that enthusiasm is contagious, and it is. When you are enthusiastic, your prospect gets emotionally involved and also becomes enthusiastic.

Frank Bettger, author of the book, “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling”, dedicates much of his book to enthusiasm. The first thing he teaches is “To be enthusiastic you must act enthusiastic”. He shows how becoming enthusiastic changed his entire life. So try it out… add a little enthusiasm to your presentation and watch your business explode.

Enjoy the journey,

Paul Morris

 Emotions in Network Marketing from the selling perspective by Paul Morris


Paul Morris


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