Empowered By 4-C Servant Leadership By Ray Gebauer

Empowered by 4-C Servant Leadership

Making Your Success Absolutely Inevitable

 If you want to create success rapidly, and enjoy it long term, and make it inevitable, then these insights on Servant Leadership are for you!

 This 4-C Servant-Leadership model is based on what I believe are the four fundamental elements of life. I call them The Four C’s of Diamond Love because, I believe, these are the four essential elements of mature love. At the same time, they are the four elements of Servant-Leadership, of happiness, success and in any project, business or relationship.

 I’m fascinated that these four fundamental “C’s” correspond to the four criteria (the four “C’s”) that gemologists use to determine the quality and value of diamonds and gemstones: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

 Here is a chart that shows the correspondence between the C’s that determine a diamond’s value and the Four C’s of Leadership that create both love and success:

 DIAMOND                                 LOVE                                                             Loving With*
 Color                             Caring (the color of love)                                            (Heart)
Cut                                Committing (cutting away the other options)            (Mind)
Clarity                           Connecting (clarity comes from connecting)             (Soul)
Carat (weight)                 Creating Value (the weight and action of love)        (Strength)

* Based on the greatest commandment: Mark 12:28-31

 Here is an overview of the four steps/C’s you will be using to create success and make it inevitable:

  1. CARING—enough about yourself, your future, and others to take action

  2. COMMITTING—to doing whatever it takes to help others and create success

  3. CONNECTING—to your upline, downline; inviting others; accountability

  4. CREATING VALUE—this is serving, giving, making a difference with P.E.P.

  • P ositioning yourself and others

  • E nergizing yourself and others into consistent action and success

  • P lugging yourself and others into a system to guarantee success

 If you are a lady, and 80% of network marketers are, think of this 4-C Diamond analogy as a Diamond in a ring on your finger. Caring is the first point of the diamond, committing is the second point, connecting is the third point and creating value is the fourth point. You got the point, right? So when you have a diamond ring, you’ve scored, right?

 In your business, when you achieve a Diamond (or equivalent Rank), you have really scored! Big time!

If you are a guy, think of this 4-C Diamond analogy as a baseball Diamond, where in order to score, you have to make it around ALL four bases. Caring is the first base, committing is second base, connecting is third base and creating value is the home plate. It’s great to get to first, second or third base, but you don’t really score a point until you get around all four bases, right?

The best home run is when the bases are loaded! We call that a Grand Slam! So not only do YOU score, but you bring in three of your team members so you all score together! Now that’s a good team player, right? In your business, when you achieve a “Diamond Rank,” AND YOU WILL, if you follow these four steps, you have really scored! Big time!

  1. C A R I N G

 Everything good in life starts with caring.

 If you don’t care, nothing good will happen! You must care deeply, about what is best for you, for your family, for your future and about others.

 Caring is the first element of Servant Leadership (and love), and of making a difference and success. One of the ways you CARE is to SHARE. You will be sharing your passion, and sharing information in the form of INVITING people to take a look.

  1. C O M M I T T I N G

 Everything great in life starts with commitment.

 “Success is like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired—you quit when the gorilla’s tired”   Robert Strauss

 Imagine you are committed to driving from New York to LA (about 3000 miles). If you averaged 60 mph, it will take you 50 hours which is two days, if you never stopped.  And if you drove faster, you’d arrive sooner, right?

 But what if your car would go only 30 mph? Would you still make it to LA? Of course—it would just take you twice as long, right?

 But what if you drove only one hour A DAY? Could you still get to LA? Of course—it would just take a lot longer, right?

 But what if you drove only one hour A WEEK? Could you still get to LA? Of course—it would just take you a WHOLE lot longer, right? It would take you a whole year instead of 50 hours, right?

So how fast you go and the time you put into it does NOT determine if you can make it to your destination—the speed and time only determines the length of time it takes to get you there.

The ONLY thing that can stop you getting to your destination is if YOU stop the car and do a U-turn. So as long as you are committed to doing whatever it takes, in spite of your speed or time invested, then you WILL eventually arrive at your destination—it will just be a matter of time and your arrival is inevitable—does this make sense?

This is exactly the way your business works. AS LONG AS YOU STAY IN THE GAME, and keep moving forward, you’ll arrive at your destination (e.g. the level of income you desire).

Promise/commitment is the source of perseverance that makes you UNSTOPPABLE!  No obstacle of any size can overcome perseverance generated by a promise/commitment.

I not only dare you to care, I challenge you to commit to doing WHATEVER it takes to achieve the success that you desire. Merely trying or doing the best you can is not good enough. It needs to be “whatever it takes.” Got it?

“Over Under Around or Through,

Whatever it takes, I WILL DO!”

  1. C O N N E C T I N G

Connecting is fundamental and essential in life, including love, Servant-Leadership and for your business.

Network marketing is a relationship business, a network of connections. Without connecting, MLM is only a dry mathematical theory that will just frustrate you!


  1. Connecting to your heart, your faith, purpose, vision, and mission

  2. Connecting with your business partner (upline)—talk to them daily.

  3. Connecting with people you know (make a list of everyone you care about)

  4. Connecting with people you don’t know (who need & deserve to know)

The purpose of any contact is to INVITE and INFLUENCE, not to “sell.”  Call with heart felt passion, empowered with the 4 C’s of Servant Leadership Love.


What counts most in life is Creating Value because that’s the whole purpose in life. Creating Value is the action element of Servant Leadership and love!

 Caring, Committing and Connecting will not do much good for you or anyone until you complete the four C’s of the Diamond analogy by CREATING VALUE.

For the ladies, this fourth point of creating value is what makes your diamond complete, beautiful and brilliant.

For the guys, this fourth point of creating value is home plate—this is where you score! This is where love becomes tangible. This is the ACTION stage of both love and success, and of life in general.

You don’t need all the answers. It is far better to NOT have all the answers.

Here is what you REALLY need: to be caring, committing, connecting and creating value, starting right now. “Take the plunge” rather than analyzing the composition, depth, and temperature of the water!

It’s this fourth “C” that makes your “Diamond” complete. It also accelerates your progress in getting where you want to go:

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27

To hear a version of this material call (641) 715-3800 Code 59 49 55 to hear a condensed audio version of my book, The SECRET to Maximizing Being Happy, which is based on this material; also you can listen to this 23 minute interview also based on the 4-C’s at http://www.TheTomChenaultShow.com/ray-gebauer–john-d-rogers.html (my voice is somewhat distorted in the first half of the show)

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Ray Gebauer


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