Endurance – Can You Go The Distance? by Jim Bellacera

JimBellaceraDo you have what it takes to hold on, hang on and keep on until success arrives? ENDURANCE – Definition: 1. To hold up under (hardship, pain, etc.) 2. To tolerate 1. To continue, last 2. To bare pain, etc. without flinching, persist, survive, outlast. In other words, hold on, hang on and keep on! It has been said, “life is a marathon, not a sprint. To get to the finish line (or to reach your goals) your efforts have to out last the trip and be strong enough to overcome the hurdles along the way. Looking back in time, I cannot remember anything I have ever done that was an over night success or was ever easier than I expected, always harder. Yet so many people make a run at something and if they do not see signs of success in a short period of time they give up. We live in an instant gratification society. We want it now and if it doesn’t happen right away we give up. NULL

Tell that to Ray Crock, (founder of McDonalds). He went 7 years without any income. How about Kentucky Fried Chicken’s, Colonel Sanders, who prospected over 1000 investors before he had all the investment capitol he needed. And then there’s Howard Schultz who left his job in New York City to move to the west coast taking a severe reduction in pay to pursue his dream in the coffee business. You know it as Starbucks. He was willing to sweep the floors at a coffee roasting company, anything to get his foot in the door. The success of these companies and their founders is evident. They are all worldwide companies with books written of their struggles and their success.

But what did they need first, an idea, then a dream, then endurance to make it happen. These founders knew they had to pay the price for the promise of a brighter more successful future.

As I went through the years each of my businesses required sacrifice and endurance. Even when the business was making money I had to invest it back into the business to buy better equipment, advertise, inventory, or to hire employees until such time when I could be rewarded financially. There were years with no return. There were businesses that failed in between my successes that lead to a longer sacrifice between victories. What’s a few years of hard work compared to the rest of your life? What example do you want to set for your children? What is the legacy you would like to leave behind? Would it be to give up when things get tough, or to keep going in spight of adversity? Would it be to take the easy road or take life’s challenges head on? Become a person willing to endure the process until the job is done, keeping your word no matter what challenges come your way. During the first half of my children’s lives they experienced a lifestyle most people only dream of. Living in a 9,000 square foot home with a limousine parked in the 9 car garage in a private gated community in our city. Nannies and private schools was the norm. As they grew older I decided to venture out again. By then they were in their early teens. Since then they have been a part of the price that was paid to create new successes. In their early years I was at the gym, playing tennis, skiing and taking great family vacations. By the time they were eight they had both been to Hawaii more times than most people will ever go in a lifetime. Their perception of life at the time was tainted. Now they have been a part of the sacrifices that got us where we are now and the life we live today. Write down the successes in your past and how long you invested in yourself and your dreams before seeing successes. Example: When I was very young I wanted to be a swimmer. I spent two years swimming early every morning. By the third year I was swimming every morning and evening and competing on Saturdays before my first ribbon. By the time I was in high school I had been swimming for 5 years before I ever placed first in a swim competition. How quickly we sometimes forget the commitment of time and effort we invest to become what and who we want to become. Things are different now. We have families and people we want to spend time with. But if we don’t chase our dreams we can become miserable and live with regret.

The key is a balance of hard work, working smart and taking time to enjoy your family.

Write down the things you can do with family members to help them see your commitment to them while you stay committed to your dreams and are paying the price for success. Example: Take breaks to recharge your battery and enjoy time with family.. Having the ability to hang in there for the long haul is one thing but if you have a family, they need you and they are often the fuel that drives you on and keeps you charged. Write down some of the things that will motivate you, as you stay focused on the finish line. Is it having your family see you as someone that never gave up? Is it your friends finally recognizing you as a success? Is it having fame and fortune? What is it that will keep your eye on the ball as you pay your price for success? Feel free to contact me at (916) 439-3600 or [email protected]


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