Enhancing Your Self-Image by Jack Zufelt

Success is an inside job.

Even if your body and mind are ready, willing, and able to learn and do whatever is necessary to get the job done, a negative self-image may stop you.

Although we create many outward images of ourselves-so we can interact with or impress others and sell our ideas or services-we only have one self-image.

The way we view ourselves determines the level of success we attain in anything.

To achieve more success, some parts of our sense of self will have to change. Your inward impression of yourself controls much of what you create in your life. When someone says, “Good morning, how are you?” you probably answer, “Fine,” regardless of any troubles you may be having. The image you project is often very different from your true sense of self.

Because your level of success and happiness is controlled by your interior self-image, you must try to ensure that your exterior image and your interior image are in sync. If you can’t match your self-worth with your exterior image, your ability to achieve at the highest levels will be restricted.

Try this exercise. Put the palms of your hands together with the fingers aligned as if in prayer. These hands pressing gently together represent you. Now twist your wrists, keeping your hands together, until the back of your right hand is facing away from your face. The right hand with its back facing out is the side of you that you want and allow the world to see. In fact, you present it to the world all the time.

You put your best foot forward. It is the side of you that is happy, fine, capable, reliable, strong, honest, trustworthy, caring, sensitive, and thoughtful. This is your positive side.

Your left hand is the one only you can see. It’s the side of you that isn’t so good. This is the side of you that’s not strong, that is lonely or hurting, that has faults, is afraid, unhappy, easily angered, and not confident. This is your not-so-positive side.

Which side is the real you-the positive side or the not-so-positive side? The truth is, you are both. One side does not negate the other. Just because you have faults,

failures, or insecurities doesn’t negate the fact that you have strengths, wonderful attributes, and abilities to get things done. Yet most people tend to let their not-so-

positive side reduce the strengths on the positive side.

They focus on the not-so-good side of themselves, saying, “I know I’m a good person, but . . . .”

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