Enjoy The Freedom by Ryan Hill

    A person doesn’t have to look very long or hard to find free people who are not free at all. I am not talking about the rights and privileges we have in a particular country. I’m talking about being a prisoner of our own reality. These prisons may come in the form of poor work environments, poor relationships, poor time management, and poor financial decisions just to name a few. And for so many, it seems there is a belief that complaining about the prison will unlock the door to a new future. Sadly, the reality of that kind of mindset only serves to further an individual, and often others, into more unproductivity. Attempting to add more to your life by subtracting doesn’t exist as a solution, and it certainly doesn’t unlock new doors of opportunity.

Solutions almost always come in the form of some kind of mindset pivot and the new actions that follow.  

 My wife and I were talking with our financial advisor the other day. He was sharing with us the projections of the financial freedom we stand to have in our retirement. We have been fortunate and disciplined enough to invest the way we have wanted over the years and may be given permission to retire comfortably, if we’d like. In large part, that potential freedom will be as a result of a decision to get involved in a network marketing business 18 years ago. But it isn’t the business that gives freedom. There are many network-marketing professionals all over world, and even some in the business we got involved with, that aren’t experiencing the same liberating success. The business is only the vehicle within which we ride. Freedom to get where we want to go is about our mindset.

Being a part of a network marketing business has given our family all, and more, than we ever thought possible. Signs are good that the material blessings will continue to pour in. We routinely receive cars, trips, cash bonuses, and gifts. It feels like every time we check the mail, there is some expression of thanks from the company for work well done. But money and materials are really only a part of the greater gift.

Money is a key, and it will unlock some doors. In so many ways, the key to a full life is packaged in the other parts of the journey.   

 Network marketing professionals have incredible choices available to be in control of their lives. That kind of control unblocks access to some pretty tremendous blessings. The people that have come into our lives and have had the opportunity to serve through the business are unbelievable. There is great freedom in having like-minded friends to support, build up, and celebrate with, because of shared triumphs. The humble and dedicated learning involved in being an expert about a product or service is empowering. The privilege to share that knowledge and experience with another in order to support them in their success is precious. The hard work and determination it takes to be a contributor and a part of a great whole for the industry is powerful and satisfying. The fearless curiosity, in faith, to come around any corner in life with a full head of steam brings with it a life filled with opportunities. These are the lessons we have had the joy of learning ourselves and teaching our children, and it is these lessons that will leave a legacy for generations to come. This is the stuff of freedom, and when a person has that mindset about their work, the finances will have no choice but to tag along.

 A network marketing business is simply a vehicle. The network-marketing professional provides the energy and a course for freedom. The action a person takes is the fuel that will power the vehicle on an incredible journey.

The mindset a person has is the map that will navigate that vehicle to incredible destinations. The freedom is yours to enjoy.




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