April is the month for personal awareness and discovery.  I truly believe that we all have a divine purpose to contribute to this world, and maybe, for whatever reasons, you haven’t realized how incredibly important you are in making a positive difference.  I know that even in my 60’s, I am still discovering my purpose.

When you associate yourself as a unique incredible individual who can see the future so very clearly, with a goal you are absolutely passionate about, to the point you will do what it takes to make it happen, no matter what, you will create your success. When you visualize your future so very clearly…it becomes reality, and it’s as if you are destined to make it happen…because it’s REAL.  You created it!  Is it easy to do that? No….Is it worth it?  Of course!

I used to have a talk radio show years ago and interviewed CEOs of worldwide corporations, and every time, when I asked each one how they started, a majority of them said that they put time and money into creating a “perfect” business plan, but then when they opened up the business to the public…they had to rip it up and start all over.  Do you think they were discouraged? YES….but do you think they quit?  NO.  (It’s proof because their companies are world-known successful companies.)  I asked one of them what they did all day, and the answer was, “I put out fires all day”, and said it like it was no big deal.

Do you think these entrepreneurs learned something from not giving up? 

Of course!  Do you think their resilience to problems became greater, and each became more SOLUTION ORIENTED?  Of course!

What does this all entail?  The big word is PASSION, PURPOSE, and CLARITY in a FUTURE VISION, plus HARD WORK. 

Do you think all the many incredible great mentors started off with a “golden spoon”?

Do you think, Napoleon Hill, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Grant Cardone, became who they are by having it easy? No…not any of them, but they didn’t want to settle in living dollar to dollar, day to day.  They each wanted something “impossible”…(impossible in other people’s minds, but POSSIBLE to them ), and were willing to do whatever it took to RISE ABOVE the norm and CREATE SUCCESS. Did it happen overnight? Never.  It is like a quote that states, “It took twenty years to reach an overnight success.”

I was a single mom for fifteen years with four children, had no outside financial help, and lived 2000 miles away from family. I was tired of not seeing my children that much and was paying too much with babysitters, and daycare.  Something happened, and I changed my entire outlook.  I chose to work out of my home and set up a radio studio, purchased time on a network, and began my career in talk radio.  My “WHY” was to be able to stay home with my children, so when they came home from school, I was there.  I did not grow up with parents who were business owners, I grew up having to work two jobs while in high school, so I could afford clothes and a car. I learned wonderful work ethics from that experience.

Prior to my radio show, I worked as an employee for other companies, and had the EMPLOYEE MINDSET, whereas my self-worth was determined by how much I did or did not get paid, and once when I refused to do something that I felt was unethical, I was let go. When I was tired of not seeing my children while being paid poorly for my hard work, I snapped, and recall quitting as a District Manager for a company, and when my boss called me up saying he would make me a Regional Manager if I would come back, I told him that I didn’t even want to be the President.  I was done.

All of this has been shared to prove a point. 

ALL OF US HAVE AN ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAIT INSIDE, and it is until we decide we want more than “mediocracy”, we will just be passing life by…existing, living each day as it comes.  

It takes RISK, VISION, SELF ACCEPTANCE, and HARD WORK to take on being in charge of yourself, instead of someone else doing it for you, (such as in an employee status). 

ARE YOU READY TO FREE YOURSELF?  All that is keeping you from having the entrepreneurial spirit is the “Prison in Your Mind”….of self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and any other setbacks.


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Christine Campbell
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