Entrepreneur Or Employee Mindset By George Madiou

I don’t make-believe that I’m ambivalent in a preference between Entrepreneur Or Employee Mindset.

As a serial entrepreneur for over 50 years, as you guess I have opinions! However, I understand both mindsets. One isn’t “bad” and the other is “good” Obviously both are needed in the economy today.

I have been both an entrepreneur and an employee, in my working life. Since I was old enough to know that I needed money for things that I wanted (that weren’t given to me by my parents) or turning to crime for the things that could be stolen (that never appeared to be an option for me!)

In my Junior High and Highschool years, I worked for others and also started a few small businesses. I liked working for myself and when I went off to college, I majored in Business. I went to NYU a business university and got 2 degrees in marketing and management. I proceeded to get 2 “Jobs” working for a couple of bosses. One of those jobs was working for a large swimming pool service company in Florida, to learn the business. After arguing with the owner’s brother (He didn’t like being the boss of a NY college kid that asked too many questions)

I quit and drove back up north for the holidays.

I knew I had to do something, so I got a job managing one of my professor’s liquor stores. It was a good learning experience (especially since I didn’t drink or know the difference between burgundy and whiskey!) I liked the experience but I didn’t like working for someone that seemed as though his mission in life, was to pay me just a little over broke.

It was time to break out of this “broke rut!”

My dad worked 3 jobs to support his family of 6. He was an entrepreneur at heart, but he never went ALL in on his business desires. Unfortunately, my mom’s fears kept him from pursuing his entrepreneurial desires.

My dad and I talked a lot about having a business of his own.

One day he asked me how the liquor business was, that I was managing, I told him it was great. A few weeks later he said to me that he was going to put a second mortgage on his house. Days later he handed this 24-year-old son of his, $40,000 and said, “build us a liquor store!”

What my dad didn’t realize was, that he gave me permission to be comfortable with being an entrepreneur!

10 years later we sold GM Liquors and I was bit by the entrepreneur bug! My wife Debbie and I moved to Florida and bought a swimming pool service company, Plymouth Pools. It became one of the largest swimming pool service and repair companies in the country, servicing over 500 pools a day!

I have owned 36 companies in 6 different industries in the last 50 years.

I feel as though I’m qualified to speak about being an entrepreneur. With all of my business education and experience, I truly believe, there is no better business out there that compares to network marketing.

This is a business model that if a person comes to network marketing with an entrepreneur mindset, locates a company that has products or services that they are passionate about and are willing to put in the time, effort, and commitment they will see why so many of us, will never get a “REAL” job again.

Almost the last thing.

Out of the 36 businesses that I have owned, some were huge successes. The ones that I got my entrepreneurial doctoral degree in, were the ones that others would call failures. I call them, unbelievable learning experiences. Those were not fatal! I got up, brushed myself off, and learned invaluable lessons. Don’t be afraid of this fact, it’s part of the success process.

My wife Debbie, being married to a serial entrepreneur (I ask you to pray for her, she should be up for sainthood!) has been my biggest supporter, teacher, and advisor in the 44 years that we have been married. If you meet her one day you will probably call her Debbie, however, those who know her in the business call her The President. That is because the very best business we have ever owned is The Network Marketing Magazine and I was blessed when she finally said yes to becoming the President of our company.

One last thing….

The Network Marketing Magazine, in 2 months, June 2022 will be celebrating our 200th consecutive monthly issue. Without our members and over 300 expert industry contributors sharing their wisdom on over 3700 articles and videos, we would have never gone from a magazine to the industry’s #1 resource to help our members financially succeed in their business.

We have a 3-year goal for our 20th anniversary. We are taking back Network Marketing from those who have given this profession a bad name. We are going to support one million 27%ers (those are people who are willing to put in the time, energy, and effort to learn the skill sets, taught by the best that our industry has to offer.) The 70%ers are the people who think they bought a network marketing lottery ticket, these individuals can watch how we are supporting the 27%ers!

If you aren’t already part of this movement and want to be, join us! Company Owners, Big Group Leaders, Small Group Leaders, Individuals that have just started in this profession, and those that have been in for a while and haven’t tasted success (YET).

Become a part of this movement and Join us!

Any Questions? Email or call me. We are that serious about bringing on REAL positive change!

Aim High,

George Madiou Founder & CEO



George Madiou
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