Every Decision Creates a Season by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyWhat season are you in now? Planting, Harvesting… plowing…  do you even know? How long should a season last? It’s this question that causes most people the challenges they have in life.

In the Seasons of Success, it only takes 1 person to change a season, only 1 decision to make the difference between planting and harvesting.

So where are you? There are seasons, the difference is that the seasons of success do not follow any pattern. Let me see if I can explain.. see the decision to read this article, is keeping you from something else.. now I believe the next few minutes will give some insight that will bring value. There is no doubt that around the world, there are always crops that have reached the potential they were intended to and are being harvested. The same can hold true with your seasons of success. With today’s global communication and ability to be connected around the world, you can have success each and every month! NULL

Steps to Continuous Seasons of Harvest 1. What crops of success are you good at growing? You have to determine the seeds that you are going to plant, because we all know that if we don’t know what the harvest is to be, then how will we recognize it when that one person comes into your life, and can give you the full bounty of riches.    2. You have to know that you are only 1 person away from your season of Success… just 1 person. I have heard it said that what you are looking for is hidden in the places you don’t like looking. It’s like the story of the person that lost their keys, and they were out looking on the sidewalk, under a street light. It was dark out and they were just wandering back and forth in the lit area of the light. A stranger came along and asked, have you lost something? Yes my keys was the response. So the stranger started looking as well, and after 5 minutes said, whereabouts did you lose your keys? The person said, over there by my front door of my house.. but its dark over there, and I don’t like the dark! My guess, actually I’m pretty sure you know where to look for your success, it’s just getting over the fear of getting into action to take advantage of it.    The seasons are dictated by time, for us they are dictated by what we do and who we do it with. Find your team of Harvesters and watch your success blossom and grow to bounties you only dreamed possible.  I speak from experience and if your ever at one of my events you will hear.. “the rest of the story”


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