Exercise 1: Create Your “Why”

What are the top 3 Reasons you have for doing Network Marketing?

Dig deep, why are you doing this business?

Make sure you have personal and specific examples such as:
● If “financial freedom” is a goal why is “financial freedom” important to you and your family?
● I want financial freedom so I can take my family on one international trip per year.

What will that look like for you in 12 months from now?

In your Notebook or Journal, write down your thoughts, answer the questions, and practice what you are learning.

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  1. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    my top 3 reasons for doing what I am doing is: I can do it from anywhere. Can go back to traveling 2: resigual income 3: get out of debt.
    What it will look like in 12 months is No Bill Collectors bugging me.

  2. prakash.thiruchelvam@gmail.com

    Top 3 Reasons:-
    1. Get Married > Ability to pay for marriage expenses and grow a family.
    2. Financial Freedom > Ability to purchase material things without worrying about price tag
    3. Travel > Ability to travel to exciting destinations around the World. Enjoying the sights and sounds.

  3. ron@simpleconnector.com

    1. create a separate $25k/mo passive income to create time independent, financial freedom
    2. a house either on the coast or a nice escape log cabin with a great view from our master bedroom and office plus all the bells and whistles (I’m a techy nerd and need my internet so I can create cool products and services.)
    3. a new tesla or audi a6 for comfortable cruising.
    4. a bonus would be 2 times per year trips to fun places in the world (post covid lol)

  4. catherineadarko@gmail.com

    1. Global businesses that I can do anywhere while traveling wherever, when ever, and with whoever I choose.

    2. To teach and mentor others to be self-reliant

    3. To develop the educational non-profit organization in honor of my grandparents, which will create jobs for my children and grandchildren if they so desire to be involved.

  5. bayareaprimelife@gmail.com

    1. The time is now. I AM ready.
    2. This is my life’s purpose. I AM that I AM.
    3. The more I share the more success and happiness comes and it grows everyday in everyway, it gets better and better. I AM success.

  6. lizzy@wilderdancers.com

    The Top 3 reasons I am doing what I am doing are:
    1. To help these women in their struggles to move forward in life.
    2. Create an extra income of $50,000 a month.
    3. Travel!

  7. vickiw223@gmail.com

    My top 3:

    $100K per month – there’s nothing wrong with making significant money!
    Be able to care for my mother
    Renovate my home and keep investing

  8. dbeckley@vestedstl.com

    Here are my top 3:

    1. Earn $1,000,000 per year

    2. Own a luxury SUV Audi or Mercedes

    3. Buy my first home on or near a lake

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