Exercise 11: Your Next 50 CONFIRMED NO’s

Document Your Next 50 Confirmed No’s.

I understand that this concept is hard to wrap your mind around early in your career. It certainly was for me. Unfortunately I had to master this idea the hard way.

Team Building is about finding the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME, in their life!

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is spending too much time with people that aren’t ready to run.

When you are prospecting a confirmed No means not right now, and ultimately saves every body a lot of time.

A very valuable activity is to document your next 50 No’s. If the timing is now right, place the in your general data base or Eagle File if you would like with them in the future. Scratch them off your list permanently if you

By documenting your next 50 No’s a ration will start to form, as Jim Roh talks about in his Law of Averages Training.

Track it, that which is not tracked is hard to improve upon!

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  1. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    Yes, embracing the no’s is a difficult pill to swallow. Especially when I NEED sales now. However, needing is not the same as GETTING. A no is a no no matter when it comes and I would NOT have gotten a sale from a NO person anyway. I realize that. But it feels less real while in my head a yes hangs in a mythical balance. It’s deluding myself. But i have to bite that bullet and go for the no’s so that my time and the time of the people I think are prospects can stop being wasted.

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