Exercise 14: Do a Safelist Email Promotion

We have done safe list promotions for years. Today we outsource the entire process, and every month we add new entrepreneurs to our various list with this method.

Back in the day, I had a specific time on my schedule planned every week, where I would log in to my accounts, send my promotion’s and log out. You have to be careful not to get distracted and let this become a time suck.

Currently our favorite two platforms are viral url and List Joe because they are solid, reputable and have been around for years.

Most safelist and other online promotions should be done add odd hours, when you are not able to get on the phone and follow up with people.

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  1. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    I am so disappointed listjoe wouldn’t open and then viralurl I couldn’t seem to get to the second step. I am on my phone and tomorrow I will try my laptop. But now it is bed time. Good night, to whom ever reads this. Macy

  2. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    Ok. Will do.

  3. catherineadarko@gmail.com

    Looking forward to doing my 1st List Joe email list promotion. Set up my account with List Joe. Set up my domain name which will be ready to roll out in 48 hours!

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