Exercise 15: The Fortune is in the Follow-up

Following up with potential clients and team members is where I see many Network Marketers stall in their business. Follow up is more important than the initial contact. You must have a sense of urgency. You want to go from exposure to off the fence as soon as possible. Success loves speed.
Follow-up is more important than the initial contact.

There are many ways you can follow up, it can be through drop cards, phone calls, text messages, any number of ways in this amazing digital world.

This week’s exercise is going to push you to follow up with 10 additional potential clients that are on the fence. Those that have told you “Maybe” during the last 2 months of your business.

There is psychological value in working towards definite No’s. The more definite no’s you hear, the easier they are to hear. If the timing is not right in their life now, respect that, and then check in with the ones you would really like to have on your team every 90 days or so.

Take the time to follow up this week and you will be amazed how many people will find that NOW is the RIGHT time. Remember, the fortune is in the follow up.

Follow up with 10 people.

Share some of the reactions you received from your follow
ups here.

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  1. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    This week I am going to follow up by email I think with my low hanging fruit. I might text them I haven’t decided yet what I intend on doing. Still thinking.

  2. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    I would have to agree that the fortune is in the follow-up, whether I do it or not.
    It obviously is why currently have no team. Yes, I am admitting my failures. However, it may very well be the way I think (error thinking). I put myself in others’ shoes too often in that if I say no to someone, I expect to be left alone about the matter. I feel like I’m “bugging” people when I come back to ask again because that is the way I myself would feel. But that may not be true for EVERYONE.
    I’m no superstar in this industry and this could very well be among the reasons why. My mindset must change. I know that.

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