Exercise 16: Identifying your strengths

At this point in the program I want you to take a moment to step back and think about “YOU”. This business takes a lot from folks, time, effort, energy, etc. However, what I know to be true is that you HAVE to refuel yourself daily getting inspiration from you Why!

One of the best ways to do that is to take some time just for you, focusing on how great you are. You have gifts and strengths you don’t want to take for granted. Human nature is to attempt to compare your beginning with other people. The real person you must learn to compete with is yourself.
Wistful regret is a real emotion many people experience in their late years, because they don’t feel they really gave life all they had. I want you to write down a list of your top 5 strengths and how you can leverage them to build your business and grow your success.

I believe in you!

List and define your top 5 strengths and define how you can use them to grow yourself/business.

List your top five strengths and share how they will help you in building your business here.

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  1. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    If I was doing better in my business I might think of 5 strengths I might have but right now I can’t even think of one strength I might have.

  2. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    I might not come up with 5 strengths that I could use to grow my business, but, I know for certain – my belief & practice that the MIND is the foundation of it all.
    My love and habit of feeding my mind with the best I have at my fingertips may not have yet filled my pocket with gold, but it has CERTAINLY given me a life worth living! I wake up excited for a new day every day. I thank my heavenly Father even before my eyes are open. I thank Him even if it is for nothing specific. I do it almost as an automatic habit, without even thinking I find myself saying Thank you, Father, and THEN I find something specific that I’m thankful for. So the #1 strength I have is a strong, spiritual, healthy mind.

  3. catherineadarko@gmail.com

    This exercise I had to mull over for a day. After figuring out my 5 strengths the challenge was in figuring out how to use them in my business.

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